The White Dawn

The White Dawn

Three stranded 1890s whalers (Warren Oates, Timothy Bottoms, Louis Gossett Jr.) corrupt the culture of their Eskimo saviors.

In 1896, three whalers are stranded in the Arctic North Canada and seek refuge with an Eskimo tribe. Gradually they gain control with the Eskimo village and introduce gambling, booze, theft... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Don S (ag) wrote: I enjoy this series and Selleck's portrayal of Robert Parker's character, Stone. This outing was rather slow in pace and detail. I just finished watching it and I'm not satisfied enough information was imparted to the audience to connect the dots in the murders. Though it was nice to see all the regulars, I would be able to handle not seeing them in trade for a more involving story. And with a quicker pace.

Van R (au) wrote: They say a shred of truth can make a lie believable. Scenarists Matt Holly and Jack Monroe embrace that concept with a vengeance in their comic creature feature ??Razortooth?? about a gigantic eel that has a ravenous appetite for humans. First time director Patricia Harrington takes a tip from DEEP RISING director Stephen Sommers and emphasizes humor over horror in this predictable but entertaining 92-minute straight-to-video epic about a genetic mutation of an eel created by a mad scientist. Basically, the critter is a huge, 12-foot eel with a mouth bristling with spiked teeth and it can gobble a man like a snack. Forgot about ANACONDA! This slithering sucker could take that snake out in no time. Holly and Monroe appropriated their idea from an amphibious Asian eel that can live both on land and water. The eel creature itself is the handiwork of BABYLON 5 special effects wizard Jeff Farley, and Farley does not make it look as sinister as he could have, but then ??Razortooth?? is not a scary chiller like ??Primevil.?? You will lose count of the number of good, bad, and innocent people that this monster gorges itself on, but the blood and gore on display here is enough for this adventure to qualify for an R-rating. The only elements missing in quantity are nudity and lots of profanity. Okay, a naked girl gets eaten taking a shower when our monster smashes through the drain and digests her, but we do not get to see any breasts and booty. Unlikely hero Delmar Coates (Doug Swander of OCTOBER SKY) is a happy-go-luck animal control specialist, and he is abetted in his efforts to trackdown the title critter by a shapely, dark-haired county sheriff, Ruth Gainey Coates (Kathleen LaGue of HOUSE OF THE DEAD 2), who wears the strangest looking outfit for a lawman that you will ever see. She has what appears to be cavalry chevrons on both sleeves. Delmar and Ruth got divorced because they could not find enough time together for sex in their marriage, but now Ruth cannot get enough of him. The culprit is Dr. Soren Abramson (Simon Page of DARK CRIMES), who is trying to destroy his evil creation, but he has no clue about how large his reptile has grown when he sets out to kill it with a cyanide dart in a crossbow. Nope, the cyanide dart does not do the job. Our wily monster doesn??t discriminate when it comes to feeding. It will chow down on good-looking women bathing in a shower, obese rednecks relieving themselves in an outhouse, lawmen, escaped convicts, and it can strike from anywhere at any time. Literally, you never know when to expect this creature to pounce. Although it lacks legs, the eponymous reptile has an Achilles heel, namely, when Dr. Abramson created it, he made sure that it could not eat anything that contains sugar, so he would not raise the wrath of the orange growers. Technically, the elusive critter is a Type 2 diabetic! Unfortunately, our heroes do not have nearly enough sugar on hand to kill it so they resort to the next best thing in the creature-feature book, they have to blow it up with hand grenades. Before they do destroy this fiend, it goes on quite a rampage. What ??Razortooth?? lacks in credibility, it more than makes up with its high body count and its goofy appearance. If you cannot stand the sight of blood and gore, then ??Razortooth?? will not whet your appetite. The ending, of course, sets up an inevitable sequel.

Tim M (jp) wrote: "Disturbia" is a tense, supremely entertaining thriller that succeeds almost entirely due to the tremendous efforts of Shia LaBeouf. He truly holds the film together.

David V (us) wrote: This movie kind of feels like Fight Club, the story in this one is interesting, when you start watching it you get stuck with it, though it does have some cliches in the story, the performances were great, and the chemistry is great between everyone in this movie, it might not be a great movie but is enjoyable

James H (mx) wrote: Very believably done, the cast is very convincing and well acted by everyone, although Val Kilmer seems a little out of place. The overall feeling of the film is a bit depressing. A lot of the characters are unpleasant, but director Frank Whaley carefully gave them a human side as well. His direction it what makes the film work.

Ryan V (nl) wrote: Bloodsucking Freaks is a crude, inane exploitation film that tries to appeal to the same audience shocked by Cannibal Holocaust and Snuff. The "plot" focuses on the sadistic Sardu, a man who puts on torture performances and later sells his victims into slavery. This film is gratuitous, vulgar, and mindless even by the low standards of z-list torture porn. Not even the most steadfast fan of the Saw franchise will be able to tolerate the mind numbing chore that is watching Bloodsucking Freaks.

p b (fr) wrote: I liked all the Pippi movies as a kid, but when you watch it's obvious that they didn't have a very big budget :)

Ma R (jp) wrote: Didn't really get it then, don't get it now.

Miranda L (ag) wrote: Never trust a machine no matter how human it may seem.

Haryo P (fr) wrote: good and funny elephant...

Carlos P (nl) wrote: La idea es muy buena (Spoiler: intentar plasmar el "qu hubiera pasado si", las posibles vidas dependiendo de sus decisiones). Ambiciosa idea, complicada de plasmar. Cinematografa: una obra de arte. Buenas actuaciones, si bien no me gustaban sus papeles. La vida de Nemo demasiado superficial (en casi todas sus decisiones). Varias reflexiones al "costado" de la pelcula, vlidas e interesantes disquisiciones.Personalmente me quedo con "El jardn de los senderos que se bifurcan", cuento de Borges.

Andrew C (de) wrote: Arguably the best feature length offering that the Star Trek franchise has offered (including the alternative timeline reboots). The return of a popular villain, but with enough substance to make non-Trek fans understand the power of the Kirk-Khan conflict.

Ryan M (au) wrote: Funny take on the "conversation" comedy.