The White Pony

The White Pony

The search for a mystical pony in Ireland.

It is the story of one pony's journey to the top of a movie career. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The White Pony torrent reviews

Erica T (nl) wrote: This film played at the Tampa LGBT festival, recommend if you like period pieces that are a little different. :)

Colleen M (kr) wrote: Really well done movie. Definitely worth the rental.

Erin D (nl) wrote: still very interesting to see where everyone's lives have gone. i don't think i yearn for the children they once were, it seems silly not to accept that people change as they get older.

James O (es) wrote: Funny now more than ever.

JeanMarc R (gb) wrote: One of the best aventure movie ever. One of Spielberg's favs. And Dorleac is such a teasing pain in the neck cutie. Oh! Un rossignol!

Masorad (gb) wrote: Jimmy Stewart does his sapid best to make an inconvenient war obligation seem like domestic responsibity. "Dr Strangelove" didn't come out of the blue, kids.

Bruce B (es) wrote: This is actually a pretty good film by Allied Artists Pictures, its a 1953 U.S. Cinecolor motion picture directed by Ray Nazarro. It stars Sterling Hayden and Eve Miller. My copy came from the Mill Creek 50 pack of Combat Classics. How this movie got into that collection is beyond me. Its more of a western then a combat movie, but the time era is supposed to be right before the cilvil war. That being I didn't notice one African American on the railroad crew nor did I see any Asians, go figure those odds. But the movie itself is about a railroad across Kansas the South sees it as a threat and the Nort Sees it as a Good Trade line. Henchman Stone is played by Clayton Moore (The Masked Lone Ranger) who is a bad guy, now thats a twist.. The main character named "Mr. Bruce" who ever heard of that in the Western.

Shane S (au) wrote: Another fun horror/comedy. Outstanding cast. Pretty good effects. Just a lot of fun.

Grant H (ca) wrote: Wait, a child is created from the ground? Waxes crap.

Tina S (kr) wrote: Can't wait for the sequel!

Josh M (kr) wrote: Arguably Lucio Fulci's best work. A unique Italian horror masterpiece with excellent makeup and design.