The White River Kid

The White River Kid

Two con men are traveling through the American South when they are held hostage by a serial killer, who is running from the authorities.

Brother Edgar is a generous entrepreneur of low quality socks who hides behind a self-bestowed cassock to avoid the low level corruption of local sheriffs. He has adopted Morales Pittman, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Roy P (br) wrote: watch out for the gun draw

Shawniqua P (it) wrote: A very good movie, you wouldn't want to miss a second of it.

Xavier M (gb) wrote: This film starts well and then is downhill. I could not go till the end so bad it was,

Toby C (gb) wrote: A fun 90's action movie with some good one liners.

Stephen L (gb) wrote: I loved this one back in the days when Letterman was king and it brings back nice memories.

Joseph S (ca) wrote: Emilio Estevez in "The Bishop Of Battle" as a suburban acrade addict, blasting "Black Flag" and "Fear" on his head phones until he is sucked fabled into the 13th level of the game. That's most of why you should watch "Nightmares", which is somewhere between "Creepshow" and "Tales From The Darkside". The other story here worth seeing is "Night Of The Rat" about the most hilariously gigantic and evil rat, ever to grace cinema, the legendary "Devil Rat" as it cleverly named, which terrorizes a small family. The other two stories, "Terror In Topanga", which is only mildly funny if youve ever lived in the valley, because Topnaga Canyon is one the least threatening places on earth. Then there's "Benediction" which is about a priest bieng chased by a truck, also possibly driven by the devil or something. There is one scene where truck comes out of the earth, that looks eerily real, but aside from that it's pretty worthless. I like anthology films, like this, even the bad ones, between "Bishop Of Battle" and "Night Of The Rat", there's just enough laughs (zero scares), to make this one worth seeing. Also oddly no framing story, you just get 1-2-3-4 the end. Makes the whole thing feel incomplete.

Ted W (us) wrote: Funny movie and didn't lose it's touch. Can't believe Vanessa is a robot but now austin has no rules and does everything he wants to do again. Dr evil is back and eviler than ever.

Daniel V (br) wrote: One of the best baseball movie sees Kevin Costner team up with frequent collaborator director Ron Shelton. Costner plays an aging minor leaguer whose dreams of making the big leagues, 'The Show', are all but dead despite being on a HR record chase. A minor league record, but still a significant achievement. Costner's Crash mentors as well as butts heads with Tim Robbins talented metal t-shirt wearing brash young pitcher. Susan Sarandon is a sexpot with an exceptional knowledge of the game. Baseball and love. Robbins and Sarandon may have married off screen after meeting here and they are a good onscreen couple but the chemistry between Costner and Sarandon sizzles so hot that when the two finally do kiss, it's nearly explosive.

Greg R (de) wrote: The Artist captures the charm of silent films along with a feel-good story, great performances (even though they don't talk), visual wonder and a delightful tone. I hlghly recommend seeing this film.

Yuri L (de) wrote: Four and a half stars..