The White Road

The White Road

An ex-soldier and his new girlfriend comb France for a valuable relic...which others are willing to kill for.

An ex-soldier and his new girlfriend comb France for a valuable relic...which others are willing to kill for. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nidin V (ca) wrote: my favourite movie.....

Andrei D (de) wrote: Pentru pusti si pentru scena cu petrecerea

Jennifer L (jp) wrote: i loved every frame!!! just getting ready to watch it for the second time in as many days. makes me sad my nother sisters and i didn't move to nyc together to be dancers on broadway! ha ha!

James H (jp) wrote: 4.5/10. Lame sci-fi film plays like an episode in a television series. Not very interesting, the special effects are weak and the story is uninvolving. A waste of time.

Joe W (mx) wrote: I greatly enjoyed this movie. It is incredibly well done in regards to filmmaking & talent! Well deserved Oscar winning/nominated performances from Hudson & Murphy, who've got some serious singing & acting chops!

Maree G (jp) wrote: Worth watching. I enjoyed this film about a highly dysfunctional family. Good performances, particularly by those portraying the mother & the 2 sons.

Geno m (gb) wrote: One of the best Martial Arts films ever....

Lissette V (de) wrote: Cine Arte Argentino en todo su esplendor...Excelente pelicula:)

Danny F (ca) wrote: Best biblical explanation of the Christ. I am moved every time I see it.

Kenny N (it) wrote: Fear not, parents, the title may have you worried that this is just another brainless kid's movie, but it is actually a fantastic film that's filled to bursting with imagination, fun, and a well-earned lesson in the importance of family. Show this to your kids because it's funny, entertaining and will get them set on their own Spy Kids adventure.

Melissa C (gb) wrote: Hilarious, classic, over-the-top simplicity. If you want a comedy about radio stations, inter-personal and hierarchical working relationships, this movie is one you should listen out for...

David B (us) wrote: 1/10. Proof that you can take Gerard Depardieu and Sophie Marceau and still make a movie that isn't worth watching.

Zoran S (mx) wrote: This is cheesy and dated, not to mention John Wayne looks like he is wheezing when he breaks down doors to begin his quasi-fascist cop routine. Still, it's fairly amusing to see Wayne in a cliched cop movie that isn't very good as opposed to his usual Western roles.

ralphieboy333 (ru) wrote: Crass and weird, the script probably appealed to Woronov for that reason. This former dancer from the Velvet Underground rocks as an actress, if strange in preference for parts...

k l (us) wrote: Ministry of Fear is one of the weakest Fritz Lang noirs and no wonder that it has gotten so little attention. The only highlight of the film is that it directly involves the Nazis, but still the film manages to have the least social relevance, as compared to METROPOLIS and M. The Nazi in the film is merely the name of an enemy, and the film offers no reflection of why it is so.

Eli T (br) wrote: So bad it's good? No. Unintentionally hilarious? No. Campy fun? No. It's just monotonously bad, combining terrible acting with total stupidity and ignorance. Propaganda saturates the "plot," and while it's not comedic it is laughable. Moronic and a waste of time.

Dave J (it) wrote: What starts as a movie about Gekko's return to life turns into a bunch of other stuff that rambles on for a while until it gets back to Gekko being himself. The story does tie itself up well enough at the end, but it's a sloppy journey getting there.

Amy S (br) wrote: what a strange storyline