The White Room

The White Room

The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu, King Boy D and Rockman Rock, try to find and gain access to the mystical White Room. They leave a party at their house and drive in their 1968 US Cop Car through night-time London and the dusty plains of the Sierra Nevada region of Spain. There they face judgement: will they be allowed to enter the White Room? Meanwhile their lawyer David Franks tries to find a loophole to free them from their contract with Eternity.

The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu, King Boy D and Rockman Rock, try to find and gain access to the mystical White Room. They leave a party at their house and drive in their 1968 US Cop Car ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christine R (fr) wrote: It was cute, obviously unoriginal, and Milian can't really act "Scrooge-ish." But, overall, it was a pretty fun feel-good movie.

William I (jp) wrote: Kevin Hart and hot girl Tamala Jones makes this movie enjoyable.

Private U (nl) wrote: My favorite teen lesbian killer movie. Alicia Witt should be more popular. She's really good in this.

Stuart K (it) wrote: Or to give it it's full title, Police Story 3: Super Cop, this Hong Kong action film, directed by Stanley Tong (Once a Cop (1993), Rumble in the Bronx (1995) and Mr. Magoo (1997)), this was the 3rd film in the Police Story franchise, the first two had been directed by it's star, but he let Tong take the reigns on this one. It's your usual martial arts fare, but it does have some good action. In Hong Kong, Chan Ka-kui AKA Kevin (Jackie Chan) is an Inspector with the Royal Hong Kong Police Force. He is assigned to help out with a case in Shanghai, led by Interpol director Jessica Yang (Michelle Yeoh). It involves the detailment and conviction of notorious drug lord Chaibat (Kenneth Tsang). In order to get close to Chaibat, Kevin is sent undercover to a Chinese prison labor camp, where he gets close to Chaibat's henchman Panther (Yuen Wah). Kevin and Panther escape to Kuala Lumpur, to get close to Chaibat. When they get there, there's misunderstandings when Kevin bumps into his girlfriend May (Maggie Cheung), who is there on holiday. It's a very silly film, but the action is well done, and it's more or less what you would expect from Jackie Chan, who also helped choreograph the action sequences here. It doesn't help that international prints where badly dubbed, and even recut and rescored by Miramax

Charles M (es) wrote: Its a silly comedy starring the lovable John Candy. Sure, he's stuck in a make-believe world of his own soap opera... but the antics he gets up to is definitely worth a laugh.

Dovglas P (it) wrote: very interesting story little known outside of Brazil, about an enormous community of escaped slaves that ran their own miniature fantastic kingdom for many years. as a film, it is very unusual and an explosion of color. highly recommended!

Paul P (jp) wrote: This one is just a notch below Melville's other masterworks but it's still a great film none the less. Flawless camera work and beautiful black and white. The violence in this movie is very cold and direct. One scene in particular will leave you a little unsettled. Belmondo and Reggiani are great. The story is a labyrinth that includes characters not only pulling double crosses on each other but planning 2-3 steps ahead to avoid getting crossed. The ending is something else!

Sanity Assassin (mx) wrote: george cukor tries his hand here at more drama and less light hearted comedy. while not such an eye fixer it held my attention and i feel tracy outshined hepburn with a little more depth to his acting

bri h (jp) wrote: Annoying old woman, and at the hour mark had no idea why I was still watching it and turned it off