The White Storm

The White Storm

An operation against the notorious druglord in Thailand changed the destiny of a HK narcotic team- the workaholic captain lost his men and bright career; the loyal officer was abandoned and went missing; the undercover cop who was salvaged chose to walk away from the past. Several years later, a drug dealing-related crime brought them together for a final face-off.

The epic criminal story tells about a detective must go to Thailand and Macau to sell a large quantity of drug. The policeman have to work closely with an investigator of the Hong Kong Drug Bureau and his subordinate, who follows him go to Thailand. All three have to team up in the most dangerous situations in order to find out the crime boss of transnational mafia line. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shawn E (nl) wrote: a movie??? Wait...what is this??

Anshu P (it) wrote: Preposterous story, bad acting, and brutally slow pacing. If it were about 45 minutes shorter, with a better story and a completely different cast, it may have been watchable.

Jer M (br) wrote: I remember this came on Fox during Sweeps Week of May 1994. The most anticipated event of my life at the time (The release of THE FLINTSTONES movie) was a week away and I was counting down the days. REVENGE OF THE NERDS IV: NERDS IN LOVE was presented as part of Fox-O-Rama (Hosted by Al Bundy!!!!) in both 3-D and Aroma-Vision. The mere fact that I remember that deserves a recommendation.

Daniel S (br) wrote: This has gotten to be pretty well known in the past decade, so i figured id get hip and check it out, it was way more focused on character development than i thought, as there really isnt any action until almost an hour in, and it worked, as i definitely bought the bond between Denzel and Dakota (who did a great job despite being only 9) and made his revenge mission all the more believable, i admit i was really into the story, but it was ruined by the super unnecessary tony scott fast cuts, which are just super distracting and took me out of the movie, the scenes without them, where's there's just characters talking, work great, idk why he felt the need to add these things, i know they're his trademark, but it seemed way more present than in his other films, id still recommend based on the story and actors, but it couldve been way better

Alexander P (kr) wrote: Woody Allen's nostalgic love letter to the radio is delightful.

Mdunay (jp) wrote: this was the best movie about skaten daggers were the rad the locals were gnarly

Connor D (it) wrote: I may be biased since Jimmy Fallon is one of my favorite celebrities, and I find this to be one of only two good movies with him in it, the other being the great "Almost Famous," but I found this to be a light hearted, fun romantic comedy/sports movie about addiction and tradition that needs to be broken every once in a while. Fallon and Barrymore both have great chemistry, and there is a perfect balance of light hearted fun and serious emotion that comes with every relationship. It's no "500 Days of Summer," but "Fever Pitch" is a great time waiting to be had. 8.7/10

Carlos M (it) wrote: Charlize Theron is perfect once again after shining as Aileen Wuornos in Monster, making it easy for us to feel sympathy towards a character who is so immature and selfish - thanks also to Diablo Cody, who wrote a smart script and really knows how to blend dark humor and bitterness.