The Wiggles Movie

The Wiggles throw a surprise party for Dorothy the Dinosaur, while she goes after a magician who takes Greg's magic wand to become popular.

Meanwhile, rosasaurus Dorothy believes that the Wiggles have forgotten her birthday, while in fact they are planning a surprise party. This is about amateur magician Wally the Great, played by Tony Harvey, steals Greg's magic wand in order to become a better magician

The Wiggles Movie is the best funny movie of Greg Truman. The released year of this movie is 1997. You can check list actors in this movies torrent, such as Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt, Greg Page, Anthony Field, Tony Harvey, Leanne Ashley, Carolyn Ferrie, Joanne Samuel, Paul Paddick, Bradley Benson, Blake Bowden, Sarah Bowden, Dale Burridge, Norry Constantian, Mic Conway. The kind of movie are Music. The rating is 6.6 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movies torrent. Please support us via sharing this movies to your friends . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Users reviews

Brendon F (ag)

It is quite entertaining in a way, but the film is not as intelligent as the original, and the title doesn't really suit the content of the film. A movie which has A-list casts, but came out with B result

Dennis B (jp)

Naw nothing sucked more than banana spheel. You can add this to Viva Elvis and Banana Spheel. Namely me. Being the #1 CDS, I can truly say this movie sucked, and CDS needs a new head of talent and development

Gerry M (ru)

It deserves it. I don't know why this hasn't received more acclaim. This is a well crafted movie with a stellar cast, a marvelous script, beautifully directed and edited. Way above the standard horror flick

Jeffrey M (au)

A movie for all teens, younger and older adults to watch. A great cast and crew. Terry Griffith, teen girl, who is in a journalism competition at her High school thinks she is not being taken seriously by her teacher decides to go to anther school and dress up as a boy and tries to win there She later on meets a loner, Rick, and falls for him. A very funny and underrated film from 1985

JJ W (de)

he spills, thrills, tears and fears of racing is fantastically conveyed. A masterpiece of a sports movie that conveys dramatic writing unseen in most if not all other movies. It's an honest look at a racer's life that both glorifies it and criticizes it. While the film suffers from pacing issues, Frankenheimer's treatment of classic Formula 1 racing is respectful and dignified

Josh M (kr)

Combine that with the fine writers of Disney and you have an instant classic. Imaginative and hilarious, Toy Story breaks boundaries and makes Pixar a computer animation juggernaut

MissGory R (nl)

. . Gorewhore Out. . . Robotic, gold lame swimsuit clad beach babes from The Bikini Machine?) Oh My! This stands as a classic now, although, only to a select few, but worthy of having, nonetheless, You really must be in the right mood for this one. . . Okay, So this has to be one of thee strangest films to see Vincent Price in, esprcially when his co-players are Frankie Avalon and Dwayne Hickman!) Vincent, of course, carries it well, he saves the picture, actually, as this film has the eatly aspects of Sexploitation, (C'mon

Nick G (kr)

takes place in sf! on demand check it out. dope 60's noir film

Nina S (ca)

Dick Powell isn't an obvious Phillip Marlowe, but he works it

Ricardo H (de)

This movie simply could not be any worse