The Wild Bees

The Wild Bees

A portrait of a small Moravian village and its quirky inhabitants.

A portrait of a small Moravian village and its quirky inhabitants. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brynn H (de) wrote: not horrible, but not that good, the best part was the last two minutes.

missy k (es) wrote: despite it being so gay, it was a movie that actually has a really nice way of sucking you in it.really interesting!

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Quentin A (es) wrote: j'ai ador (C)...a m'a fait penser "fargo" en plus sanglant. voyez : un pauvre bougre nouvellement sdf et rejet (C) par cette st (C) de m**** se fait encastr (C) dans la voiture d'une infirmiere (cf : voir l'affiche) et cette pouffe, qu'est ce qu'elle fait? bah rien, elle rentre chez elle, met la voiture au garage avec le gars dans le pare-brise et basta...c'est tres troublant comme sensation, car elle ne fait rien et nous on est l, matter!!!! on se sent presque coupable comme elle, comme les temoins d'une agression qui n'oseraient parler sous peine de represailles; c'est trop fou, tres sanglant...desfois meme on rigole, plus pour evacuer ce trop plein de stress et de soufrance qu'engendre une telle situation.... et pourquoi "fargo"? : car tout se p'tit monde reagit de faon completement conne qui fait qu'a chaque fois qu'ils pensent faire mieux, bah, a part encore plus en sucette.....y'a encore tellement truc dire, comme le rythme du film, l'indifference vis vis des laisses pour compte, ....mon film prefere de l'ann?(C)e pour un film pourtant de 2007 mais on est tellement fort en france qu'on prefere nous faire bouffer du transformer 12 ou folle des caraibes 24 plutot que ce genre de bande totallement folle, originale et vraiment divertissante qui finit enfin par sortir en direct to DVD sans passer par la case cinoche!!!!

Greg W (mx) wrote: they keep losing my review-grrrr

Will P (au) wrote: Greatest movie of all time.

Jay P (ca) wrote: I wasn't looking forward to watching this because it's a 1925 Soviet silent propaganda film about a period I don't know anything about. With that in mind, and with the monotonous longevity of some of the scenes aside, I actually really enjoyed it and can appreciate how breakthrough it was in terms of editing and influence in general.

JT M (fr) wrote: It's such a delight to see Octavia Spencer in movies no matter how small the role she plays, yet, her smile brightens the film. But, this movie is not about Ms. Spencer's character, it's about a collection of various small townfolk and it takes the length of the movie to describe that they are all related/interconnected before ending with one breaking out of their self-imposed rut - Chris Pine's Rhett Ryan is the sole breaker-outer. I felt the movie started like many different trains screaming towards another and converging when Brent Briscoe's character, Donny, takes a young boy on a fishing trip without permission. Thereafter everything is tied up nicely and how these people's lives are intertwined. It had a slow start but once all the characters were explained, the trained started rolling.