The Wild Women of Wongo

The Wild Women of Wongo

On the tropical island of Wongo, a tribe of beautiful women discover that the other side of the island is inhabited by a tribe of handsome men. They also discover that a tribe of evil ape men live on the island, too, and the ape men are planning a raid on the tribe in order to capture mates.

On the tropical island of Wongo, a tribe of beautiful women discover that the other side of the island is inhabited by a tribe of handsome men. They also discover that a tribe of evil ape ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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B H (it) wrote: Wow. An amazing story. Well worth watching.

Jason M (kr) wrote: good movie but i think the idiot made the wrong decision at the end

Sage H (de) wrote: A solid political thriller. The acting was the usual and the story was ok but it wasn't anything near groundbreaking.

Hina A (jp) wrote: I'm not sure what I was supposed to get out of this movie, but it wasn't much

Chris C (kr) wrote: Couldn't sit through it. The animation looked like a bad cutscene from a 10 year old video game. Far too distracting to get into the story.

Matt B (es) wrote: Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason is still very charming and has some funny moments (like when Bridget goes skiing LMAO), but overall it's too lazy to recommend. Too many of the jokes from the first movie are used again. That's the WORST thing a sequel can do.

Terje C (ag) wrote: Put together the best of British actors and let them play together, and it has to be something you will like. A bit slow thogh but ideal to watch when you feel the blues on a rainy, hangover sort of sunday ., so don't miss this one!

Hans E (fr) wrote: One of my favorite movies of all time. Driven by masterful performances by both Viggo Mortensen and David Morse, this movie speaks from the gut. A must see.

Mike M (us) wrote: Apt that this - one of Film on Four's more commercially minded endeavours from the turn of the 90s - should return to circulation at a moment when the Tories find themselves in power again, the NHS has been left in a state of upheaval, and social mobility has fallen to its lowest rate for some time... Though it lacks the refined clinical chilliness of those medical thrillers either adapted from or inspired by Michael Crichton ("Coma", "Malice", "Extreme Measures"), in its blocky, made-for-television way, it gets the abject terror of A&E, a place of cries and screams, the thinnest of curtains separating life from death, where even fully legit professionals are faced with making critical decisions on behalf of individuals whose existence (or, indeed, limbs) are hanging by a thread. McGann, in what remains really his only substantial post-"Withnail" role, grows sweatier by the half-hour, as though the glue holding his face on (and his assumed life together) was rapidly melting away.

Mark M (mx) wrote: Paraphrasing Jane's Addiction: "Her sex is pork noodle"

Brett C (kr) wrote: Now this is a classic...not to mention terrific songs throughout, like the bigfoot love song! "No one can hear my lonely cry"...kinda gets ya right in the old knocker! Fouke reminds me of where I'm living right now!

Adam R (it) wrote: Yippee-Ai-Ay! Yippee-Ai-Oh! There is plenty of fun to be had in Melody Time. I got a kick out of the wild adventures of American folk heroes, Johnny Appleseed and Pecos Bill. All of the segments were entertaining, and the music was just awesome. It's definitely one of the the better package films Disney made in that period in the 1940's. (First and only full viewing - In my mid-twenties)

Steve G (ca) wrote: I did not like Bing's character, here. Too jejune, & lacking warmth. Lamour, however, was. Not much of a story. Character-driven.

Rangan R (it) wrote: An ex-con caught between in his old life and to adapt a new one.The film is worth watching only for Jude Law in the title role. All the other character were weak, only he was the bright shining spot in it. The story also should have been better. At least improvising Emilia Clarke's part as she was in a an important role would have had a good impact on the film. Of course, it's a black-comedy-drama in the crime theme, but utilise its full potential to go some extent like maybe some interesting crime plots.A few segments were quite absorbing like bet on to open the safe and France visit. There's no smooth storytelling, but the constant rise and fall of the main character was the reason for the lag in development and its pace. The overall point was very clear in portraying a struggling ex con and how he adapts to a new life or he desires to go back to his old life tells the remaining film. So some people might like or liked it, but I did not. Just below average film, but it's okay to watch once.4/10

Carlos I (us) wrote: Fairly average fish-out-of-water story. But it's made quite fun by Clint's performance. And the parody of hippie culture is pretty funny.