The Willies

The Willies

Two brothers camping with their cousin try to frighten each other by telling stories. They start with urban legends, but then there are two main narrations: one involves strange happenings at an elementary school; the other, a teenage boy with a peculiar interest.

Two brothers camping with their cousin try to frighten each other by telling stories. There are two main narrations: one involves strange happenings at an elementary school; the other, a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Al H (au) wrote: Just another scary film that must see.

Gavin B (gb) wrote: Very clever: funny, well written and with great impersonations of the Python members.

Joyce W (au) wrote: more than a few plot twists...kinda saw the ending coming but didnt really think it could ever end that way, then *bam*...surprise!

John R (kr) wrote: 130109: After watching these Crank films back to back, I must say, there's something appealing about them. They're way out extreme, and quirky, but they've grown on me. I think both could've been winners if the producers had just not gotten so extreme with them. Cutting ones nipples off, unnecessary. The public intercourse scenes, unnecessary. Shoving a shotgun where the sun doesn't shine, totally unnecessary. There's just so much fun to be had here and it's spoiled by some stupidity. I just get the impression film makers always want to go one step further down the crude, violence path. More is not always better. Ironic to see David Carradine in this film portraying a bit of a pervert. Cameo by the Dean of Mean, Keith Jardine.

Neethi B (ru) wrote: Promotions and trailers do not do Awarapan any justice. There could be many a people who saw these and didn't want to go out and watch the movie. If you were one, I strongly recommend you change your mind. Awarapan is the best movie I have ever watched, ever. Awarapan has a little bit of Kalyug, a little bit of Woh Lamhe and a little bit of Gangster in it, but all in all it is its own film. The acting by Emraan Hashmi and Mrinalini Sharma is absolutely brilliant. However, I would not recomment this to someone who wants a lighthearted love story. Awarapan is completely the opposite. One must be strong to absorb Awarapan. In certain scenes, it will punch you right in the stomach. But an absolutely brilliant movie by Mohit Suri and I recommend to anyone who appreciates good cinema.

Spencer H (fr) wrote: We Are Marshall tries to hard and fails on pretty much every scale, Matthew is a great actor though.

Zeb E (kr) wrote: Second in Command of SUCKING... First in Command belongs to Steven Seagal.

Ethan H (nl) wrote: Well presented look into how the sex culture evolved.

Hydro H (fr) wrote: this is a great movie with an all star cast its real awesome

Heather M (kr) wrote: This was ridiculous and I am sorry that I wasted my time watching it.

Monsum S (nl) wrote: Nothing real great in this, not even medium acting..

Natalie M (fr) wrote: Eric Rohmer creates a very theatrical and stylized film about the travels of Perceval, a young Arthurian knight. The film wavered between being amusing and being intolerable.

Joel A (de) wrote: A film that simply grows on you second by second until your caught under it's spell. A simple but significant story of a English Man who inherits land in Crete in Greece and along his way stumbles across Zorba the Greek.You couldn't have to polar opposites on screen but the charm & chemistry of the two is undeniable. Zorba is owned by the performance of Anthony Quinn that is truly once in a lifetime.It's a film filled with passion (especially the luscious look of the film made by the Cameraman) & the perils of life. It's refreshing & a great study of two people in the unforgettable backdrop of coastal Greece. A must see classic!

Caleb P (us) wrote: One of the best movies I've seen that addresses religion. Anyone who's been to a revival will find much of this movie ringing true, and anyone who's experienced the manipulative theater of firebrand preaching will find themselves nodding and shouting "AMEN!" several times. A con man salesman becomes a big tent revivalist, winning souls for the Lord and taking Christianity to the big leagues with big money. "Mister, I've been converted five times. Billy Sunday, Reverend Biederwolf, Gypsy Smith, and twice by Sister Falconer. I get terrible drunk, and then I get good and saved. Both of them done me a powerful lot of good - gettin' drunk and gettin' saved. Well, good night. "

I dont know w (us) wrote: This film looks really good, to bad it has fallen through the cracks of unpopularity.

Amrita S (jp) wrote: cute enough, and I do love Gregory Peck... the story is so confusing though...

Ashley H (kr) wrote: Flawless is a disappointing film. It is about an ultraconservative police officer who suffers a debilitating stroke and is assigned to a rehabilitative program that includes singing lessons - with the drag queen next door. Philip Seymour Hoffman and Robert De Niro give some what awful performances. The script is badly written. Joel Schumacher did a terrible job directing this movie. I was not impressed with this motion picture.

Dan M (ca) wrote: Another great and fun Muppet movie! This one wasn't quite as good as the previous one, but the music was better and overall it was still a winner! Looking forward to the new TV show starting tomorrow!

Anthony T (it) wrote: This film is really hit or miss. Honestly, the idea of a slasher taking place in an Irish community stands on its feet alone, adding the supernatural aspects to it really did nothing positive for the movie, and at the end, causes a poor ending. It is an okay film, but only recommend it to real horror fans.