The Wind

The Wind

Letty moves to West Texas from the East and it seems that the wind always blows and the sand gets everywhere. While living with relatives, she finds that she is not welcomed by the wife. With no where to go, she marries a man who disgusts her. Her new home is a small shack with the wind and the sand constant companions. When it is necessary for most of the men to go out into the sand storm, one stays back to have his way with Letty and that costs both of them.

A frail young woman from the east moves in with her cousin in the west, where she causes tension within the family and is slowly driven mad. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris R (ca) wrote: average horror, could have been alot better but it was ok.

Simon D (de) wrote: I can't understand why this isn't rated higher by the critics; it's a splendid film. I accidentally watched the sequel first; that was also a great film. This is really a sort of introduction to the second film which goes a lot deeper into favella life where this is more about building the team to tackle corruption, drugs, and the gun problems of Rio.

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