The Wind

The Wind

Two Malian teenagers, Bah and Batrou, from different backgrounds, meet at secondary school. Bah is the descendent of a great tribal chieftain. Batrous father, a provincial military governor, represents the new ruling power. The two teenagers are part of a generation that rejects the established order and challenges the society in which they live.

Finye tackles the generation gap in post-colonial West Africa. Its heroine is the pot smoking daughter of a provincial military governor who falls in love with a fellow university student, the descendent of one of Mali's chiefs. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Darren H (mx) wrote: Insightful and level-headed, Up the Yangtze is comparable to the unheralded works of Jia Zhangke in its commentary about the shifting landscape - ideological and geographical - of modern China.

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Todd G (jp) wrote: The storyline is cool but thats it. The acting was just terrible...

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Jimmy C (es) wrote: Bnficiant de la prmisse scnaristique idal, on se surprend de la retenue et de la modestie dont la direction fait preuve, c'est d'ailleurs ce qu'on regrette un peu, le fait qu'on aie laiss de ct les diffrentes folies et les diffrents essais qu'on aurait pu accorder un tel film, mais l'ide reste l et provoque de bons moments et une trs belle fin. C,est un peu long peut-tre, cela dit.