The Wind and the Lion

The Wind and the Lion

At the beginning of the 20th century an American woman is abducted in Morocco by Berbers. The attempts to free her range from diplomatic pressure to military intervention.

The film is based on a true event. It is about a Moroccan chief kidnapping an widow and her children. He must experience an extraordinary adventure which he could never has imagined. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Laura S (it) wrote: this wil proably be as gd as the first and second ones !!!

Jens T (es) wrote: The Armenian Genocide have never been a shock to us as the Holocaust was which probably all have heard of. But very few is aware that it was an Armenian executed by the Turks where around 1.5 million Armenians died. To this day, the Turkish government denies that there ever where a genocide, which have shaken the relationship between the two once peaceful people. There's some countries that have accepted the genocide, and some countries that doesn't. It's a questions about facts. And that's probably why there isn't any Armenian Schindler's List.The Canadian-Armenian director Atom Egoyan's Ararat is probably the closes thing, and probably the closes thing to the truth, because it's a film about the making of a film about the Armenian Genocide directed by Edward Saroyan following the story of the young expressionist painter, Arshile Gorky and his struggles during the Genocide. And of course this film within the film is lavish and one dimensional that doesn't tell the truth. But our protagonist is the camera assistant Raffi, who's suppose to bring the film footage back to Canada from Turkey. But at the airport the custom officer (Christopher Plummer) suspect that there's other things inside the film cans besides film and Raffi tells him everything about the making of the film.Ararat is not a bad film, but it's far from great, thanks to all it's almost useless subplots that doesn't evolves the genocide at all. and a to theatrical meta film making, which makes the film within the film a propaganda film. But Ararat also show us the other side and the doubt within the characters, and how their fascination to the Armenian genocide, where we see in the relation between Riffi and his mother. I also liked Christopher Plummer's performance and the interrogation plot line, which is for the outsider's who never heard of the Armenian genocide. I though this film was in a way to pretentious and to naive. I'm you looking for the ultimate coverage of the Armenian genocide, then sadly this is the closes you get, because theirs few films about that subject matter. I would have loved if this film was provoking, but it isn't. It's a safe drama film. I hope this a real epic about the Armenian genocide is coming soon. But for now, Ararat is the best we got, and it's overall not that bad. Thumbs up.

Brett B (de) wrote: An incredibly lengthy interpretation of the life of Jesus (so lengthy, one would do well to break up the film into smaller sections, just as it was for its miniseries debut); that running time does, however, allow for an exhaustive and thorough examination of Christ's story, covering just about every conceivable aspect, not merely the "greatest hits," if you will. It lacks the cinematic grandeur of the classic Biblical epics, but in terms of the cast, it is unquestionably on equal footing: this is as impressive a group of actors as have ever been assembled. Many only have small roles, but the cumulative effect of so many great talents is that the movie feels weighty and important, befitting the subject matter.

Dave A (nl) wrote: What if everything you believed, and thought you knew, was wrong?When everything you know if turned upside down there is one absolute truth: it sucks to be a slave. Slaves are at the bottom of everybody's food chain. This is an ambitious film. It wants to tell a grand ambitious spic story. What it comes down to is disillusionment. Rachel Weisz's Hypatia and her slave Davus face disillusionment. Each one of the characters in the film face a certain disillusionment toward what they once believed. Davus is a tragic figure; he really seems to be trying to play both sides for the heart of Hypatia, a love he can not have. If this were just a story of a woman philosopher - that would be enough. But it's ambition is to tell a period story 360 degrees, instead of from just one point of view. This is a film that tries to tell a story of both science and religion as faith.

Adam R (ca) wrote: Pleasantly surprising. I usually don't care for him, but Vince Vaughn delivers a touching comedy. 533 thumbs up! (First and only viewing - 5/13/2015)

James M (it) wrote: Probably one of the worst movies ever