The Wind in the Willows

The Wind in the Willows

Kenneth Grahame's literary classic about an enchanting world along the Riverbank has delighted readers for nearly a century. Now, this enduring beloved tale comes to life in this beautifully animated feature film from the producers of "The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends" and "The Snowman".

Kenneth Grahame's literary classic about an enchanting world along the Riverbank has delighted readers for nearly a century. Now, this enduring beloved tale comes to life in this beautifully animated feature film from the producers of "The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends" and "The Snowman". . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Wind in the Willows torrent reviews

Daniel B (us) wrote: 3/24/17 Redbox. Cinematically Beautiful. Poetic.

Kevin C (ru) wrote: I like how comprehensively it covers America's involvement throughout the hemisphere. That stuff is all really interesting and important history. But the idea that educating Americans on why people are illegally coming to America, showing them that its the result of America's wrongdoing, will convince any of these stubborn, shortsighted racists is just crazy. I'm reasonably sure that almost everyone who sees this either already agrees with what it's trying to sell, or will never agree but may still enjoy the history lesson.

Phyl B (au) wrote: I quite enjoyed this movie. It's not the normal genre I would be attracted to but boredom drew me in and it was an enjoyable romp. Nice to see some of my former favourite actors and actresses still working and in a decent enough film about the older generation. Better than one would expect.

Facu S (de) wrote: Muy buena pelicula que cuenta la historia de amor de dos personas con sindrome de asperger (autistas). Estan muy bien caracterizada la enfermedad de los personajes y realmente las actuaciones son muy buenas. Tiene cierto humor que la hace entretenida. Recomendable.

Ethan W (ru) wrote: This is a very good movie!!! Starts of great the ending is a little you know weird but besides that I recommend this movie get it!

Nikki A (ru) wrote: There is a huge difference between subtle and paint dries faster. The director did a fine job of setting the dreary, dismal mood. The characters are pathetically static and sad. The actors played them perfectly. Just because the film is from Uruguay, doesn't make it more quirky, wonderful, or beautiful (words used in other reviews). The ending can be taken several ways, none of which are satisfying after watching an hour and a half of misery.

Joey S (it) wrote: Funny light hearted movie about the hiden messages in music.

Shawn B (mx) wrote: Adrien Brody is always a win win situation. Cute story about immigrants in LA convinced to unionize for better wages and a better life.

Julien W (fr) wrote: Best movie ever made. Go Go Buffalo

Yash B (ru) wrote: Good at heart and loads of fun for children. It's super cheesy and implausible, but there is an entertaining movie here, even if it is very preposterous.

Greg B (jp) wrote: Fassbinder's 2nd film is dull and very much an art film but his choice of minimalist style and aimless characters pre dates Jim Jarmusch and the New York underground film scene by 10 years.

Thomas P (de) wrote: With a shocking ending, Davy Crockett shows great American spirit.

Daniel K (de) wrote: 4: What seems perhaps most incredible about Children of Paradise is that it was created in the wake of WWII. It is a wonderful fairy tale filled with unforgettable characters. It seems as if it should have always existed. As if it isn't a film, but an endurable and archetypal mythological fairy tale sprung to life. It's one of those films that gets seared in your imagination and consciousness so deep that even if one didn't see it as a child one associates it with childhood and imagines that they had. Stupendous.

Tristan M (mx) wrote: I was actually very pleasantly surprised when I watched Hamburger Hill, I had heard good things about it, and it was great to finally watch it. It got off to a pretty good start, and continued that way thoughout most of the movie, but just past the halfway point it got changed a little. There would be a five or so minute break, where the soldiers talk and argue, then there would be a five or so minute battle. But the battle scene would begin with the battle already underway, and then cut of to a break scene before the battle had some to any sort of conclusion. And it did this a few times, with the battle scenes all pretty similar, and a important character dying every time. And every battle they slowly fought their way farther up the hill. So that went on for a while, then it came to the final battle of the hilltop, where the Vietnamese had their last stand. The last battle was very well done, far better than the other Vietnam war movies of the time, Full Metal Jacket or Platoon. Its similar to both movies, Platoon in paticular, and athough it dosent have the story or charaters Platoon does, I think the fighing is better, but they are pretty equal movies. The action in the movie isn't the only conflict the American soldiers have, they also have to deal with all to common rasism and fights between themselves. And by the finish of the final battle, only four of the main characters are still alive, so it hardly heroic. One of the only things I was disapointed of is the helicopter scenes, which I love so much in Vietnam war movies, and could also use a less heroic and patriotic cover art. So great movie, second favorite Vietnam war movie, after We Were Soldiers. Number 13 on my top 15 favorite war movie list.

Eric L (de) wrote: Hopkins is a great actor but he was being wasted by this crap.

daniel m (au) wrote: franco accidently kills a kids who was sledding by hitting him on the car in the middle of the road. Despite this clearly not being his fault , james franco feels very quilty and struggles to get back to his successful writting

Callum M (ag) wrote: Below is an amalgam of various interesting ideas that ultimately amounts to little more than a stylishly filmed, but ultimately clichd and ponderous pseudo-horror movie.