The Wings of the Dove

The Wings of the Dove

Kate is secretly betrothed to a struggling journalist, Merton Densher. But she knows her Aunt Maude will never approve of the match, since Kate's deceased mother has lost all her money in a marriage to a degenerate opium addict. When Kate meets a terminally ill American heiress named Millie traveling through Europe, she comes up with a conniving plan to have both love and wealth.

An impoverished woman who has been forced to choose between a privileged life with her wealthy aunt and her journalist lover, befriends an American heiress. When she discovers the heiress is attracted to her own lover and is dying, she sees a chance to have both the privileged life she cannot give up and the lover she cannot live without. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Wings of the Dove torrent reviews

Greg R (it) wrote: The best romantic comedy ever!

Ian C (es) wrote: Four high school KISS fans set out to see their heroes play in motor city. Some quality gags, a quaity soundtrack and a serius milf twitch from Shannon Tweed.

Doctor S (ru) wrote: One of the best evocations of smalltown living, capturing the mundane emptiness and the yearning for more from life. Ashley Judd is really great in this as Ruby trying to find a way to break free from her retail sales & trailer park existence.

Alex C (au) wrote: Austere, tragic and ultraviolent. That's why people love jidaigekis.

stefano l (es) wrote: Mah. I don't find anything good that can be wrote, ore bad either. It was just a sci-fi movie settled in the middle ages.