The Wisher

The Wisher

Mary is a horror-movie junkie whose obsession is out of control, leading her over-protective father to ban her from seeing scary flicks. But when she and her friends sneak out to see a film called The Wisher, its creepy antagonist seems to escape into her life and make her darkest desires come true.

In a small town, the teenager Mary is obsessed and addicted with horror movies. Further, she is sleepwalker, has frequent nightmares and her father has forbidden her to watch horror movies.... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Russell G (it) wrote: This is actually a beautiful, albeit dark and dysfunctional romance. The young age of the characters may shock and disturb some people, but it is grimly honest and very realistic in many ways. It takes a while to flesh itself out, but a story about a lonely outcast boy develops into a story of friendship, love, and vampires. It is romance and a drama primarily and a horror movie second. The vampire attacks and killing are not the focus. The vampire lure here supports the movie's focus, which is the development of two young characters. The desolate and icy Swedish winter setting is stark, colorless and empty. Even daytime scenes at the beginning seem appropriately unnerving. That tension remains constant throughout the film thanks to the discretion and good direction of Tomas Alfredson. Kare Hedebrant and Lina Leandersson, the main characters, nail the off-putting in their behavior and physical appearance to make their characters fit the story. The subject matter is dark and has strong themes of sexuality but the filmmakers bravely remained true to the emotional story without candy coating it. These are kids just beginning to transition to adolescence, making the nature of their relationship important to the story. It is a well-written dramatic story of two outsiders with hints of mystery, some gruesome violence, and the ugliness of the world in general. At the same time, there is also beautiful companionship and heart. I highly recommend it, but it is not for the highly conservative crowd or for people looking for thrills of a murderous killing spree.

Lois M (mx) wrote: i like the movie and LOVED the clown

Dino P (fr) wrote: Dosta dobar film,iako sam mislio da ce bit puno napetiji.

jai w (ca) wrote: A gripping tale of brutal heartbreak, stubbornness,selfishness of modern times. All in a same movie having interconnected stories. Innaritu's most effective story telling from an outstanding script.

Leonardo Malacay S (es) wrote: Esta pelcula nos muestra una relacin tan fuerte y tiene unas cuantas imgenes que sern difciles de olvidar

Darryl J (it) wrote: Aussie dance film set in Newcastle about two brothers, one of whom arranges this huge tap dancing show to raise money to help retrain retrenched workers from the local steel mill. Good acting, great dancing, very well done and enjoyable movie.

Dawn R (au) wrote: I have never really been a "Tarzan" person. This movie is okay.

John B (ca) wrote: Certainly the schlockiest (and therefore the best) of the Alien clones. Although similar to "Galaxy of Terror" (and utilizing its sets), this is a far more enjoyable b-flick.

jack w (gb) wrote: working together since the godfather they work together seamlessly as brothers. not my favorite but ittle do

Benjamin S (nl) wrote: A good war movie--for the 70's.

Sarah H (jp) wrote: Typical Nickelodeon. Victoria Justice isn't the most famous person you can spot in this though. I was waiting for him to actually cry werewolf, but that never happened.

Lawrence L (ru) wrote: Jet's best on screen performance ever...we see a lot more on screen than just senseless fighting Jet really goes into depth with the character he plays...loved this movie, this easily goes in my top 3 favorite films he stars in, Fist of Legend being my number 1 and a tie between this and Black Mask. Jet is definitely the #1 martial arts action movie star of my time for me & he's a legitimate martial arts champion in his Country, Donnie Yen is my #2 and Jackie Chan my #3

Brandon H (ru) wrote: This is a good movie

Dee P (de) wrote: gw g tau brapa kali gw nyebut dan treak 'anjing....!!' sambil terkaget2 nntn film ini... gilee.... hihihi.. setannya g nyeremin sih, tapi ngagetin... dan ulernya itu looh g nahan!! mirip crita apa yaah.... gw lupa... ky kalo keseringan maen jelangkung tuh.... tempat sutingnya menarik sih, Camiguin --- mungkin next destination. ;) belom kelar nih film nya.. lanjoot dulu yaaaw..

Brian S (us) wrote: A very satisfying John Carpenter classic. This has to be one of the best adaptations from a Stephen King novel, it's well made, has a lot of likeable characters and the car itself must be the most famous car in horror history. The score is also memorable, which sounds like a crossover between the themes of "Halloween" and "The Exorcist", with also some elements of "Zombi", only to make a creepy theme. An overall very good film. Recommended !!