The Wishful Thinkers

The Wishful Thinkers

"Los ilusos" is a film about the desire to make movies, or about what they do when they do some filmmakers cinema on wasting time and lost time on conversations, drinking, food and routines; about being in love, about being alone and being with friends, build future memories for a future film.

"Los ilusos" is a film about the desire to make movies, or about what they do when they do some filmmakers cinema on wasting time and lost time on conversations, drinking, food and routines; about being in love, about being alone and being with friends, build future memories for a future film. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Henry M (es) wrote: Great documentary, but make sure you independently research some aspects.

Jesse O (kr) wrote: Much like Magic Magic, an underrated psychological horror film if you ask me with an incredible performance from Juno Temple, I can't quite wrap my head around the poor audience reaction to this film. Is it the minimal gore that threw people off? Or was it the more low-key approach, that took a more deliberate pace to how it built its tension. Technically, this film isn't great. This isn't really a masterpiece by any means, it's not the Gravity of low-budget horror films. But it succeeds where so many others fail and that is knowing how to properly build to its climax. Problem with so many horror movies nowadays is that they blow their wad so early that by the point they DO get to the climax it has already overstayed its welcome and it pales in comparison to everything that came before it. That's a HUGE problem with horror in general, sometimes the climaxes just don't deliver. This is a film that certainly delivers the goods, you could say. On top of that you have a damn good cast. I'm, somewhat, reminded of We Are What We Are, it just has that same Southern Gothic style. The former is definitely more technically proficient than the latter, but I enjoyed both films. This doesn't really offer anything all that new in terms of storytelling, but it is told in an effective manner nonetheless. One aspect of the film I enjoyed was how this wasn't a group of superstitious hillbillies that worshiped a pit in the forest, and sacrificed lives frequently, in order to keep a non-existent beast at bay. There really IS a beast and it really demands a sacrifice in order for it to heal the community from any illnesses that they may have. It can't just be ANY sacrifice, however, which is where the name comes from. Dawai, played by the always talented Sean Bridgers, is the chosen potter by the beast. Dawai is given a vision and then he creates a jug with a person's face on it. The person whose face is on the jug must be the person sacrificed. There's this underlying theme of control and order to this sacrifice and that's something you don't see often in horror films. I have no idea why, but I liked that a lot actually. There is a method to the madness. But, and I realize this is my own doing, I was definitely really interested in the back story of this community and how they came to worship the pit. How'd they find out about this? Yes, you saw during the opening credits how it, somewhat, came to be, but I wanted it in a little more detail and not crudely drawn paintings. But I can't hold that against the movie. With that said, this isn't a crowd-pleasing horror movie, perhaps that also had to do with the reaction, I'm not gonna spoil everything but let's just say that if you enjoy dastardly villains getting their comeuppance, that shit doesn't happen here. Not going into the specifics, but that's something to warn you with. Still, while this is probably still just a good horror film at its best. It just doesn't really do enough to be more than just good. It doesn't have that 'Wow' moment that made We Are What We Are such a memorable film. If you saw that movie, then you know what I mean. There's nothing here, while it's all very well done, that you'll remember for more than a week. Still, I found myself enjoying this movie quite a bit. It's quite good indeed and another sign that horror is alive and well on the indie scene.

Shaun S (it) wrote: The NEW Bollywood Directors and just the new direction is amazing. I was blown away by this movie. It really got my attention. I highly recommend.

Juliana K (mx) wrote: I cried as much as Aamir khan teared up. Such a tear-jerking and inspirational movie, especially for teachers and parents!!

Matt S (ag) wrote: The movie had -some- decent parts to it. Overall, I'd say it was a disappointing film. It took forever to get anywhere at the beginning. It -did- have some seat-leaning moments to it, however, again I'd say most of the movie you're left wondering what the point in some of the scenes were even there for. The end, was respectable in the fact that 'the Veteran' went off on all the gang members, but the pure fact that he gets owned made the entire movie pointless to watch. You still leave the head gang member around, and the little boy who shoots and kills the Vet still remains unchanged in his allegiance. So in the end, no one really wins. Yes, so you kill what would have been -one- of the terrorist cells (if I'm correct on who they were) but you still have several out there, a gang leader alive, more to join him, an unknown idea of where this 'woman contact' ended up and the main guy dies. Overall...I'd give it a 2/10.

Richard D (de) wrote: This film is so witty, I love it. Just when you think they run out of jokes, your hit with one out of nowhere.While Wednesday is given a very large subplot which leaves others like Pugsley and Lurch without much to do, everything Wednesday does is great to watch. The plot is more or less the same as the first film, but it's doen well enough.Great casting all around. Fun for the entire family.

Justin B (es) wrote: It really doesn't differ too much from his work to follow but Seagal's big screen debut is still undoubtedly his best.

Ben L (fr) wrote: Everything that is magical about this movie begins and ends with Judi Dench. She is simply perfect in the role of an aging woman who looks back on her life and has only one regret...the child she had out of wedlock that was taken from her. Her determination is amazing, and she constantly surprises you as she says things that seem unexpected for someone her age. Also the way she handles the people that wronged her is so graceful it is very humbling. Her interaction with Steve Coogan is also a treat, since they have very different beliefs and personalities. Sadly, the story is a little weak and never reaches any kind of satisfying conclusion. I also thought some of the acting in the flashbacks was lacking in places. I was certainly impacted emotionally by the movie, but given the story that is almost a foregone conclusion. It hits even harder because this is based on a true story, and this is something that was much more widespread than just this one incident. I wanted to absolutely love the movie, but there was just something lacking. I suspect that a lot of my dissatisfaction lies in the fact that they never explore the ripple effects after Philomena's case is resolved. They set you up by describing how much death and loss came from this situation, but we only get Philomena's closure. I can still say Philomena is a fine film, and I can see why it charmed audiences (particularly because Judi Dench is second-to-none,) but it's exclusively a character drama about the struggle of one person and I wish there was a more far-reaching impact to the story.

Nguyen Thuy H (it) wrote: Kate's friend told her that "I don't know if it's biological evolution. Men are carried away by their legacies. Then maybe it's our job to remind them what is really important", pointing to the fundamental value of family, domesticity. Yet, in a later scene, it was revealed that Geoff's biggest treasure MIGHT have been his first love with a woman she has never known who died freezing down in the glacier over in Switzerland (what a rhetoric). It's a testament that BOTH the mundane, conventionally accepted, the domestic business and the romantic, the unreachable are equally, at best, half-truths, at worst, plain lies. 45 years is a deceptively simple story but its delicate construction of sentiments makes us always conscious of the thin line that the characters walk. The final dance to "Smoke gets in your eyes" (haven't I instantly loved any film that happens to play this song?) is concluded by a show-stopping act by Charlotte Rampling. It's one second that brilliantly represents the low-key intrigues that pervades the film.

Michael V (de) wrote: Sat down to watch this movie and had to shut it off halfway through. My attention was lost within the first 10 minutes. Not worth a moment of your time