The Witch of the West Is Dead

The Witch of the West Is Dead

A 13-year-old girl named Mai refuses to go to school due to her asthma. Her parents send her to to stay with her British grandmother in the countryside. Thinking her grandmother is a witch, Mai asks for witch lessons. Her grandmother plays along, but instead ends up teaching Mai lessons which help her become more responsible and enjoy the simple aspects of life.

Mai (Mayu Takahashi), a junior high school student, refuses to go to school. Her parents are living apart, so her distressed but sympathetic mother sends her to stay with her grandmother in... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aryo G (gb) wrote: wow! I liked the storyline of this movie that teaches how to be 'the best' in school. haha

Katrina H (us) wrote: A nice Christmas film, things all work out perfect in the end.

Carla P (ag) wrote: After reading the beautifully written and structured book, I watched this movie. Had I not read the book, my opinion would be different. But after reading the book, this film is so very disappointing. I know film is a different medium, and will never be exactly the same, granted, but they simply took TOO many liberties in changing essential points of the story that altered the story completely. The meaning is simply gone. Read the book, it's so much better in this case.

Derek D (de) wrote: Ron Jeremy is Awsome

Dave J (jp) wrote: Thursday, July 26, 2012 (2004) Chasing Liberty ROMANTIC DRAMA/ COMEDY Mandy Moore plays the President's daughter Anna Foster whose tired of being chaperoned and guarded by the 'Secret Service' so she demands her freedom from them after being humuliated when going on a first date with some nobody! Then the President(Mark Harmon) takes him and his family to visit somewhere in Italy, she then takes the opportunity to run away while being chaperoned by the 'Secret Service' to visit some old girlfriend of a daughter who also happens to have a father whose also important and wealthy, it is then she meets Ben Calder played by Mathew Goode and he helps her escape while riding on a scooter who's conveniently slightly older than her but is really part of the Secret Service as well. Throughout the rest of the film, Ben refuses many advances from her whenever she shows affection toward him who doesn't suspect a single thing which he didn't want to disclose to her otherwise, she'll just run away from him as well just because it's her nature, and at the same time he start to have attracted feelings for her and of course both fall in love. The movie is a cross between "Roman Holiday" and "The Bodyguard" where the Mandy Moore character wants to "blend" in with other people, not realizing she could put her own family in jeopardy just because she's the 'President's daughter'. What's ridiculous is that the film never really convinces it's audience about the President's daughter's notoriety since in the movie they were times when people didn't know who she is as opposed to the ones that do upon visiting around some foreign country, and is she that gullible that the reason she hardly knows anything about this Ben character, refusing any of her advances is because he may be working for the Secret service which never crosses her mind- does she have to find out after stumbling onto him unexpectedly overhearing him talking in the dreaded phone thing is very old fashioned, if watched enough movies, this 'scene' is one of the most weakest. The movie is supposed to convince it's audience that being the President's daughter is supposed to be a bad thing but the thing is that there's also a lot of good things too and this film fails to acknowledge that! Also adding that hardly anyone can relate to the Mandy Moore character because the chances of that even happening is slim to none. While there are a lot of cringing moments, it almost seems like this plot device was completely made up as it was going along and is used as a promotional tour for viewers to galvanize at our two main characters making the most out of this trip, re-using such a ridiculous concept. 1 out of 4

Simon D (nl) wrote: Stupidly names, Shia LeBeouf makes his film debut in this Disney film about a kids labour camp run by John Voight and Sigouney Weaver who are just two of a very well-known cast. The cast is, in fact, so strong that the film deserves to be a lot better.

Sole T (nl) wrote: Simplemente hermosa....

Walter M (ru) wrote: Okay, guys, you know the drill. But just a reminder... King Claudius(Patrick Stewart) tells his new stepson, Prince Hamlet(David Tennant), to lighten up because death comes to all, including his father, so enjoy life. This might seem a little harsh but Claudius has bigger things on his mind like Fortinbras rattling sabres in nearby Norway. To be honest, Hamlet is definitely taken aback at his mother Gertrude(Penny Downie) remarrying only a month after her husband's death. Well, he's not the only one concerned because Hamlet's friend Horatio(Peter De Jersey) summmons him to have a quick word with his father's ghost(Patrick Stewart) who says there was nothing at all natural in his death. This is a compelling version of "Hamlet" set in the modern day, almost totally indoors in a stately palace. So, while cameras are commonplace along with the occasional handgun, there is also a sense of decay in the royal household. Adding to the sense of disconnect is David Tennant's performance as perhaps the loosest Hamlet I have seen, with the character's brattiness contrasting well with such a disapproving father. Casting Patrick Stewart in the double role is a nice touch, which he handles with distinction.

Martin D (ag) wrote: This film was the most recent for both its stars Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder. They did three other films together,1976's SILVER STREAK with Jill Clayburgh,1980's STIR CRAZY and 1989's SEE NO EVIL HEAR NO EVIL. In this film Pryor is a conman who befriends Wilder. Wilder's character does a great deal of lying(he plays a dual role). Great support from Stephen Lang and Mercedes Ruehl. Ruehl is Elaine,the wife of Wilder's character. Memorable scenes include Wilder's character being scared by Frankenstein in a haunted mansion,also faking a corpse at a funeral(he thanks those who attended). Vanessa Williams is Gloria,who Pryor's character takes romantic interest in. In the final scene,Pryor,Wilder,Ruehl and Williams are on vacation in Hawaii. Pryor and Wilder have a picture taken with them both holding a sign that reads "Partners Forever". Decent film!

Dustin P (ru) wrote: Pretty entertaining. I've never seen The Twilight Zone show and I had never seen this movie until now. I might have to go watch the show now. It reminded me of Creepshow/Tales From The Crypt in that they are somewhat scary stories that don't take themselves too seriously. I can see the writers of The Simpsons were highly influenced by this movie. Many of the segments have been emulated in Treehouse Of Horror episodes. Not to mention Nancy Cartwright (voice of Bart Simpson) and Albert Brooks (who's been on many episodes and the movie) appear in this.I really wish more movies now would be like this one (not very gory, with little to no computer animation). Trick 'r' Treat was good example of how these old school horror stories with ironic/funny twists can be done now. Hopefully more film makers will use this style in the future.

Estelle M (it) wrote: Not your typical Elvis flick, no singing and dancing at all, just a classic old time western movie. Elvis was very under-rated as an actor, he should have had more serious roles like this one.

chris s (gb) wrote: this movie is much better than its rating. Clive Owen and Vince Casell are terrific and if Jennifer Anniston has a sexier role I have not seen it. Don't want to give any plot points away, but this is almost on a "Usual Suspects" level, though a very different movie.

Trevor F (de) wrote: this movie was not funny, and it was the longest 90 minutes. maybe when it came out it was, but it does not hold up today.

Barney o (it) wrote: WHAT I LIKED: Connery's later Bonds focused more on the action, but this offering focuses far more on character. As a result, this is one of the most involving, layered and moving films in the series. We get a touching love story and an all-new, fleshed out bond with a great, enjoyable performance from George Lazenby. What's more, we get a surprisingly developed bond girl and action in all the right places. WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: Whilst Lazenby was a lovable and developed bond to watch, he arguably didn't show the darker side to the character that Connery managed to show - and he is fairly wooden. Also, the plot takes a little while to get going, offering a fairly one dimentional and uninteresting version of Blofeld.VERDICT: It's one of the best of it's era, a much more layered, yet still enjoyable Bond film compared to many. Well done Lazenby.

Leon B (ag) wrote: Starred Up is one of them movies that you think is going to be epic by looking at the movie poster. It's good but wouldn't beat films such as: Scum and Bronson. Jack O'Connell plays a man by the name of Eric Love, he convicted of grievous bodily harm and wants the time to finish fast. He becomes more aware when his father Neville Love warns him to keep his head down and he will be alright, and that this prison is nothing like a young offenders unit. The movie starts with a slow motion where you see Eric get stripped of his clothes, then escorted to his cell. You would think when he's in the cell eating his pot noodle he's a quite lad when it comes to certain terms like: going to prison, having to defend himself, but there's a part in the movie where he is not afraid to get physical with the inmates and the screws. His father Neville who is played brilliantly by Ben Mendelsohn tries to put him straight that if he doesn't do what he is told he could get himself killed, not only by the inmates but by the screws and the warden would make it look like suicide. Good movie. Well written and directed.