The Witches

The Witches

Following a nervous breakdown, Gwen takes up the job of head teacher in the small village of Haddaby. There she can benefit from the tranquillity and peace, enabling her to recover fully. But under the facade of idyllic country life she slowly unearths the frightening reality of village life in which the inhabitants are followers of a menacing satanic cult with the power to inflict indiscriminate evil and death if crossed.

Following a horrifying experience with the occult in Africa, a schoolteacher moves to a small English village, only to discover that black magic resides there as well. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Katie R (us) wrote: Ok..... Well I really love the real issues they are bringing up from that era of the US becuase normal this period is romantically portrayed ..... But why the fuck did cuddy hang herself?!?!? What the fuck?!? Hahah because even the ugliest man ever rejected her??? Or from the guilt of sex before marriage?? I don't know ...... Was the D too big?

Ross H (ru) wrote: I deeply regret having seen this movie.

Ernest C (ru) wrote: While certain events in this film have departed from reality (like most, if not all, films based on true events), this doesn??t diminish this films power and impact. The events in this film have largely fallen out of the conscious of the general public, apart from those who have a connection with the events, so it is good to have this moment in history brought to a wider audience. Do not let the fact that this is a foreign language film dissuade you from seeking it out-sincere acting and an engaging, if a little predictable at times, story make this a worthwhile film.

Christopher B (it) wrote: One of my favorite films. So funny

Jason C (us) wrote: It's a run of the mill comedy with a great cast. Matthew Perry didn't do many movies, but he was good at what he was type-cast to do. Bruce Campbell, Amy Adams, Vincent Pastore and Terry Crews all add to Serving Sara. It has Elizabeth Hurley. One of the most gorgeous women to grace the screen. Any movie with her in it is worth a star to its rating alone. The story isn't going to twist; it's there to keep the laughs going, and it's only kind of funny. If you're looking for anything with the slightest bit of depth, keep looking. Reginald Hudlin was a horrible director. He's doing TV now. That, and a script from the unbelievably bad writing team of Jay Scherik and David Ronn (I-Spy, Norbit, the Guess Who rewrite, National Security) and you get a surprisingly decent movie. If it's on TV and you just want something on TV, Serving Sara is worth a watch.

Private U (nl) wrote: A well made movie that successfully depicts Stalin's rule as a paranoid, and brutal, leader.

Deborah H (nl) wrote: Very funny movie. Gene Wilder is always a great laugh! Silly, funny, movie!

Dave H (jp) wrote: Soapy as hell, and not exactly subtly performed (it's saying something when Ronald Reagan gives Claude Rains a run for his money for the most memorable performance), but this is still a compelling tale of four or five young people growing up on both the rights and wrong side of the tracks in a small town at the turn of the century (19th to 20th, that is). Elements of Great Expectations, elements of It's a Wonderful Life, elements of Peyton Place. It's really dark and kinda sick at times, and melodramatic throughout, but it's rarely boring and at least a couple of characters engaged my sympathies enough to hang with it. Best part is the strength of the central male friendship. Really nice to see an example of (supposedly) hetero blokes mean so much to each other and be there for each other.

sputnik 9 (nl) wrote: One of those movies that leaves you so amazed at what you just saw that you can barely speak. So intense, so fast-paced, so well choreographed, and looking so good that it cannot disappoint. After watching this, I re-watched Road Warrior, and that movie seems like a B-Movie in comparison. It hurts me to say that, but it's true.

Abby T (au) wrote: No bad at all. Definitely had some good moments!

Frank G (jp) wrote: Impressive visual, but the story was just about OK.

Corey P (ag) wrote: Why did the intro have to take that long. It really wasn't needed feels like it's long in vein. Also every character is annoying especially the mexican who has the most annoying accent I've heard in my life.

Geoff J (fr) wrote: A horror anthology so dull you'd rather be stuck in traffic than on this vacation. 3/10