The Witnesses

The Witnesses

Manu arrives in Paris, in the early days of AIDS, at the beginning of the 1980s. He strikes up a friendship with Adrien, a wealthy doctor in his early fifties, who introduces him to Sarah and Mehdi, a young couple.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:112 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:French,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dancer,   snow,   prostitute,  

Paris, 1984: A group of friends contend with the first outbreak of the AIDS epidemic. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Laura W (es) wrote: One of the most peaceful films I've ever seen. A chance human connection casts beauty and warmth over a nameless man's simple life in a seemingly prosaic town.

Mary H (kr) wrote: The movie itself isn't wonderful, but the aesthetic of the movie as a whole is delightful!

Movie K (au) wrote: Quite exciting and good action movie. Nicholas Tse is a hot headed but tough leader of a police team. During a raid, one of his man Kwok who didn't have enough sleep miscounted the break in and is scolded badly. Luckily the senior cop Liu Kai Chi wear bulletproof vest. Then the duo saw an escape car of another case which is driven by thugs that save their leader from jail. Nicholas and Liu follow and got involve in a terrible accident. The thugs change car and Nicholas chase and shoot the car and they crash. But in the boot a little girl is shot dead by Nicholas. 3 months passed, Zhang Jingchu is a lawyer and mother of the dead girl. Her other daughter is friend with Nicholas who is fill with guilt. Liu is promoted but a crippled and now working in the range. He don't blame Nicholas. Nick Cheung is a baddie task to kidnap the little girl. The thug want Zhang to throw away a blood sample of their leader which is found at a bank heist case. She can't call the cops and Nicholas vow to help. He search high and low for CCTV and found the thrown away SIM card among hoards of rubbish. He plead with Kwok who is now in tracking department. They are cousins actually. Kwok want him to apologize and he did so Kwok help him track the number. He crack an MMS and Nicholas track down home with red neon sign outside. Liu saw Nick which resemble Nicholas description and they chase him but after a gun fight he escape. Nick saw Nicholas climb up and saw his unit and manage to grab the girl and escape before they reach. Nicholas and Liu found a secret floor which house Nick's bedridden wife. Nick is task to chop a hand to show they mean business to Zhang but he stop after they call to warn they found his wife. Nick hijack the ambulance with his wife on board and he kick Liu down the road. He left his handphone for tracking purpose. Nicholas follow the trail. The wife using his limited movement let loose the girl tied hand. Nicholas found her and bring her away. Nick chase up and told to kill her because Zhang didn't handover the blood sample to the thug and go ahead to prosecute the baddie. The girl accidentally knock a lever and sand drop on her. Nicholas hit Nick with a rock and he quickly dig the girl out. She isn't dead luckily. Nick awaken and become blind. He ask Nicholas to bring him to his wife and they both convey to hospital. Zhang reunite with her daughter. During the flashback of Nick story, he was a high price killer who refuse many job. The pregnant wife try to sell drugs and Nick is angry. Then thugs want to kill him and they escape in car. She is going to give birth and Nick accelerate to hospital but their car hit Nicholas car during the chase at the beginning of the movie. Shows how their lives are crossed path from back then already..

Amy N (ru) wrote: Glorious gore-fest. Clever kills in this rapid slasher sequel. Some tongue-in-cheek humor, but nevertheless extremely graphic. If you love grisly horrors, this is for you!

Ryan M (br) wrote: This movie was going nowhere fast. The hi-light was in the ending when Uma Thurman's character and her husband finally talk and get out what is on their mind. Lesson; you have to communicate in ANY relationship to make it work.

Jessica H (es) wrote: looks like made for cable crap.

Darrin C (br) wrote: Crapola! This film bares NO connection with any George Romero masterpiece and rips the name off a good movie. I've seen bad zombie movies that were still better than this as I'm usually a big zombie fan. These zombies can crawl on ceilings, but the movie should fall on the floor! Poor acting and a dumb plot.

Henry P (us) wrote: The end of the Disney Renaissance (the one before the one we currently live in, whether it's Tangled, Frozen, Wreck-It Ralph, Big Hero 6, etc) is not a disaster, but it not perfect. Tarzan open with human man and woman escaping with son from burning boat, then building new life, only to be eaten by leopard. Meanwhile, an ape couple loses their son to the same leopard in a parallel of tragedies that bring Kala (Glenn Close) and human baby Kala names Tarzan (Tony Goldwyn) together. However, Kala's husband Kerchak (Lance Henriksen) disapproves, and rejects Tarzan in cruel way. His heart was in right place for family, but Kala continues to raise Tarzan as ape anyway, like Harambe may have with boy in enclosure, but for safety of child, we may never know. Tarzan grows up to be ape-man, in scene-montage-scene where he make friends with Terk (Rosie O'Donnell), Tantor (Wayne Knight), and other apes/non-apes-and-humans alike. Tarzan begins being well-received as ape until new humans arrive. Tarzan meets Jane Porter (Minnie Driver) here to sketch animals and help her father Archimedes (Nigel Hawthorne) with research, and Clayton (Brian Blessed) to defend them. The opening act sets up the rest of the story beautifully, but this and other Phil Hartman song set montages make Tarzan feel like music videos for Phil Hartman songs interjected into movie for no other reason than to make movie go faster, like Tarzan growing up through montage, or learning human culture through montage. Montages used too much, though music comments well on what's happening. What we get enough of and never too much of though is character development, especially when you remember we follow Tarzan from baby to adult. We get to see how he's treated as different by other apes, especially his adoptive father Kerchak, and we feel sympathy for his plight throughout. We also get good development of Jane, who is the only other important human character, and aside from Kala, most other characters are just there and/or Tarzan's friends, but ultimately, drama comes from Tarzan's plight and how he reacts to the arrival of the first "hairless wonders" since Kala found him. The animation also beautifully rendered. While traditional animation does not create photorealism, some water looks more detailed with the enhancement computers provide, and so does the jungle environment. Disney makes do with great animation before Pixar acquisition gives computers their larger takeover, but I digress. Mark Mancina's soundtrack does its job, but Phil Hartman's vocal songs are what really sells the emotions in music, even if they're poorly placed. What Tarzan does not place poorly is the humor, and there's lots of laughs to be had, although adults may not be as entertained by the humor (unless they watched it as kids). Tarzan ultimately warms heart, but less than others do. Disney dropped ball here, but picked it up after some notice.

Chris C (kr) wrote: Funny and with a lot of charm, First Kid features a clever, solid performance by Sinbad.

Davey M (kr) wrote: A pretty great cast is wasted on some pretty thin material in this early, unfunny, superficial, cynical David O. Russell farce with an exhausting number of wacky plot contrivances . Disappointing.

La Babydoll (us) wrote: i love this movie, it showz alot of the dumb thingz couplez do and what they shouldn't have done and how to get through a dumb thing! no?

Francesca N (fr) wrote: Eat Drink Man Woman gives us a look at all sorts of relationships: good or bad; new or old; between father and daughter, man and woman, or siblings. The film addresses some issues and emotions that most people would otherwise eschew.It shows us that, in life, there will be moments when we realize it is time to let go and move on from things. We're human; we grow. We change. It is a part of life, and no matter what kind of obstacles or relationships we get ourselves into along the way, we must deal with it. Forgive and forget, and eventually, we will be okay.The father, Master chef Chu, is a widower who cooks traditional, yet elaborate meals for his three daughters every Sunday. They might think his dinners are getting old, but he remains passionate about them. His cooking comes as second nature. He seemed like he was in a place of tranquility and bliss when he prepared a meal. He looked whole.The youngest daughter, Jia-Ning, becomes young and in love, then finds herself impregnated by the boy she had these sexual encounters with. The pregnancy gives her a reason to mature and move out of her father's house, though, and in with the boy she loves. Chu respected her decision and let her go.Also, the oldest sister, Jia-Jen, had her heart broken many years ago and begins to fall for the new volleyball coach at her school. Her cynicism almost becomes a problem, but she overcomes it and she and the coach begin a magical relationship. This is why we cannot be afraid to move on. There could be something promising waiting for us, but we must move on in order to find out. There is a scene when the older sisters, Jia-Chien and Jia-Jen, are washing dishes together and finally confront their feelings. Jia-Chien talks of how Jia-Jen blocks out her emotions and acted more like a mom after their mother died. I recall a much similar relationship between my sister and me. My parents divorced when we were young, and I took on the mom role and my little sister never understood it. She thought I pushed her away, so we never became close. Like the Chinese sisters, we eventually confronted our feelings and our relationship bloomed.Throughout the movie, I realized that it was almost always food that brought the family together, or tore them apart. Surrounded by food, chef Chu and Jia-Ning both made big announcements at the dinner table. Chef Chu got excited about making food for Shan-Shan and her classmates, and he eventually became closer to her mother. Jia-Chen enjoys cooking like her father does, so she made him a meal and he found that he could taste again.The characters evolved one way or another in each of these scenes and throughout the rest of the film. Eat Drink Man Woman grasped my undivided attention and taught me that I too will evolve.

Natalie O (br) wrote: A little too fantastical for me

Liam C (au) wrote: Pleasant enough, but multiple times during the movie I asked, what is the point of this movie? I'm still not sure. Rachel McAdams character is terrible.

Jonathan G (ag) wrote: The original computer hacker movie. Video games and a possible World War III, what could be cooler in an 80s movie. The obvious technology advancements over the past 30 years since the film was made is both apparent and comical, yet the message and premise of the movie stay weather strong. Rating: 7.75 / 10

Gena M (jp) wrote: Predictable in spots, some things I didn't see coming. I'm glad I didn't pay money to see it in a theater, though.