The Wizard of Speed and Time

The Wizard of Speed and Time

A Hollywood filmmaker (Mike Jittlov) makes a short for an evil film studio. Unbeknownest to him, the producer has placed a bet of $25,000 that he won't come up with anything with a use. ...

A Hollywood filmmaker (Mike Jittlov) makes a short for an evil film studio. Unbeknownest to him, the producer has placed a bet of $25,000 that he won't come up with anything with a use. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zach T (us) wrote: While this movie is just a recap of the first 10 episodes of the series, that isn't a bad thing :)

Leslie P (ru) wrote: It's a cute movie but not sure that a sequel was needed.

Chan Che E (jp) wrote: just another exorcist movie without so much gore and horrific visual nature of similar genre but yet delivers.

rabia t (ru) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

Pavan R (ag) wrote: A minimalist movie. Simple story with great acting and some chilled out direction. Makes for a superb relaxing watch.

Julia F (mx) wrote: needs a reboot. Dragon was pretty cool tho.

Allen G (br) wrote: Sadly this one didn't really do anything for me- it's not a bad film in that I can see how people could enjoy it but for me it was not fun.With a film like this, and with most films really, the characters are what matter and the downfall of this one for me was that I didn't like them. We have the typical two opposing players here and it's clear who we're supposed to side with at first- the under appreciated and demoted family man Foreman over the inexperienced young Carter who is incompetent and undeserving of his position.The thing is though- family-man Dan isn't an interesting character, he is the same one you'd find in countless other movies and his storyline is just him wanting to take care of his daughter as opposed to her, you know, taking care of herself. There's no excitement in his 'unhinged' aspect too- I'd rather watch Falling Down for something like that. It's a bland character by all accounts and a good performance from Quad doesn't come close to fixing that. Worse yet, Carter never improves really- by the end we are supposed to feel as if he has changed in some way but this isn't the case. All we get in this movie is a man whose marriage ends (through is own stupidity in some ways) and who then, simply by saying she is beautiful all the time, begins to date his 'enemy's' daughter (how original...), played by Scarlett Johansson. There is nothing new about this plotline either and it all feels rehashed- sure it is well done, the acting is good all-round in this film and the dialogue seems passable I guess but this isn't the kind of film that can get by on its premise alone. It is an old premise and unless there's something new on show, this one won't, and for me, doesn't, impress. I didn't find it particularly funny either which didn't help- there really weren't any laughs here, it had no real tone behind it other than a day-time TV melodrama which only reminds us that this film is trying, and miserably failing, to make corporate culture seem like a good setting for a film like this- I'll never understand why so many films make the same mistake. If you want to make fun of corporate culture then take it seriously, don't copy and paste it into a bog-standard feud movie.I truly hate to use this word but this one is overrated for me, it really is. It just doesn't give me anything worthwhile- it is all predictable and while I like that it didn't go full-on happy ending, it was still pretty dependant on entirely expected role-reversal situations which aren't funny in a film where it is clear from the get-go that the roles should be reversed.The main characters annoyed me- Foreman because he feels like a movie-ready character mould and Carter because he doesn't earn my attention- why should I care about this guy? Anyway, it's perfectly okay if you just want something on while you eat your tea but I'd sure as hell be disappointed if I watched this film under any other circumstance.

Rodney E (ru) wrote: Maybe I think it sucks so much because I wanted to see it so bad when it came out. It had good word of mouth and the end result for me was total garbage that is a bore and has nothing to offer or recommend. The story was obvious from the get go and it really went nowhere for me. I dislike this movie a lot.

Alex M (it) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie's dry sense of humor and unconventional love story. While it does feature many of the cliches that are so common in the romantic comedy genre, it brings enough sharp dialogue and performance power to override that fact. I've never seen a movie handle a topic like this - the ups and downs of two people raising a child without ever getting married or too romantically involved. It led to a lot of really unique and hilarious situations that were not only touching, but were also extremely natural. While the ensemble cast is great as a whole (Megan Fox is actually pretty decent in this), Adam Scott and Jennifer Westfeldt were fantastic. I loved Scott's dry humor throughout, and Westfeldt struck a perfect balance between being genuine and awkward. It got a little too hectic for me sometimes, but overall, I really enjoyed Friends With Kids - it's a great dramedy with excellent performances, a whole lot of heart, and lots of laughs.

Alex S (es) wrote: Hellboy has incredible visuals to combine with Guillermo del Toro's typically assured hand and is a "superhero" movie worth watching if you can get past the admittedly familiar arc.

Isla B (es) wrote: Joseph Fiennes is beautiful. Affleck is great.

Zach K (jp) wrote: Malcolm McDowell was legendary in Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange" (1971) as a deranged rapist. What the hell happened (Pun intended!) that he has plummeted this low? I think it is safe to assume this film lost it's movie salvation and is now in movie Gehenna.