The Wolf and the Lamb

The Wolf and the Lamb

A kid saves a dangerous dying fugitive and triggers off a chase between the hunter and the hunted and soon, the definitions blur.

A kid saves a dangerous dying fugitive and triggers off a chase between the hunter and the hunted and soon, the definitions blur. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Wolf and the Lamb torrent reviews

John S (jp) wrote: Very, very sad story, but also very uplifting. I saw good performances, and enjoyed following this story of a homeless man, living on "the nickle," who breaks down the shell he has constructed around himself, after finding a diary that was written by a very sad little girl. Along the way, we see some of the worst as spoiled rich kids pay him to fight other street people, but ultimately, we are saved by their evil, when he meets the little girl.

michiel s (kr) wrote: this is one fucked up movie but nobody told the movie

Elisa G (fr) wrote: Family drama... and then some more drama. And, even though it could be very real - maybe that's what's troubling - none of the characters captivate you. Maybe the older brother, with sarcasm and cynicism to spare.

Timm S (es) wrote: Poverty Restricts Choice, Thus As You Drive Dogs Into A Corners, Or Poverty Into Corners It Eventually, With Vengful Consequences, Fights Back With Passion & No Remorse. Good Story. Amazing That It's True.

Koundinya S (fr) wrote: realistic no unnecessary emotions

Jamie H (kr) wrote: The story wan't that bad, but it felt mostly like a waste of time. The movie didn't go into the part of the story I wanted it do. I guess it is only rated at R - what else did I expect from that.

Edgar C (jp) wrote: Interrelated midnight stories about a bunch of unlikeable Balkan swines unfold simultaneously in the 1998 winner of the FIPRESCI Prize at the Venice Film Festival. A heavy dose of tragedy, black humor, exaggerated drama, jealousy, crime and a rebellious youth rising against the system imposed over a long-time repressed nation explode (sometimes literally) while we are just taken aboard an unusual ride of unpredictable proportions and unbelievable moments featuring the endless, multifaceted idiocy of humankind. It's like a humble mashup of Slacker (1991), Pulp Fiction (1994) and Kusturica's chronological disorder, but with a smaller scope.It never mattered how theatrical or fantastical it began to get; at the end of the day, irrevocably, everything felt very human.86/100

Michael G (ru) wrote: Rachael Crawford is a babe.

Jason M (ru) wrote: I saw this late at night when I was ~20 years old and was captivated by it. It was not surprisingly underrated as a Canadian film. I had never seen anything like this nor have I since. It is low-budget, believably acted, and to me, realistic. This is a psychological drama, rather than a horror. There is no gore. It deals with a sever personality disorder, similar to The Beaver with Mel Gibson.The film is difficult to find, but well worth seeking out, as I have since I originally watched it. I introduced the film to friends and they found it just as intriguing and captivating.

Sarah L (es) wrote: Ugh. I can't believe I watched this! The dreadful song "Clambake" was stuck in my head for weeks!

Grace Z (au) wrote: My least favorite Fred-and-Ginger so far! Although I like the John Kent character in this one, and there were quite a few funny jokes. (Viewed 13 February 2009)

Paul E (kr) wrote: finally managed to get to see this after 7 yrs and it was worth the wait. Its well voiced, and a good story. Its difficult to juggle such a large cast of characters but JL:NF does it well. The animation style works too, capturing the feel of the era its set in.

Anthony I (es) wrote: A full blown triumph. A blow to segregation and hatred for all time. Hackman and Defoe nail it in this extraordinarily beautiful film about a terrible time in U.S history.

Tiburon B (ru) wrote: oscar winner and mendes best work in my opinion

Michelle D (au) wrote: One of my all time favorites as a kid and still to this day....luv it???