The Wonderful Country

The Wonderful Country

Having fled to Mexico from the U.S. many years ago for killing his father's murderer, Martin Brady travels to Texas to broker an arms deal for his Mexican boss, strongman Governor Cipriano Castro. Brady breaks a leg and while recuperating in Texas the gun shipment is stolen. Complicating matters further the wife of local army major Colton has designs on him, and the local Texas Ranger captain makes him a generous offer to come back to the states and join his outfit. After killing a man in self defense, Brady slips back over the border and confronts Castro who is not only unhappy that Brady has lost his gun shipment but is about to join forces with Colton to battle the local raiding Apache Indians.

Having fled to Mexico from the U.S. many years ago for killing his father's murderer, Martin Brady travels to Texas to broker an arms deal for his Mexican boss, strongman Governor Cipriano ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Callie H (us) wrote: Breathtaking. Just breathtaking.

Ben V (jp) wrote: As Sunday of absolutely bad Tv and horrible total utter rubbish films go, this one would of got 5 stars made of shitness.

MICHAEL M (au) wrote: Really shocking how great this movie was. Very emotional and Cena was great not playing a hero. Loved the ending and didn't know it was a true story.

Henrietta S (ru) wrote: This movie tries to be something that it's not -- i.e. a great Indie. The synopsis & the DVD cover make it look&sound a lot more interesting...than it really is. Falls (totally) flat.I's expecting something akin to The Wire (TV series) or Spike Lee's 'Do the Right Thing'. Didn't bother watching it to the end.

Kevin B (ru) wrote: Not one of Almodvar's best, but still pretty good.

Tara H (mx) wrote: Pleasant enough, but doesn't quite have the dramatic power it needs. Watching a young Debra Winger, I was reminded of Jennifer Lawrence.

roger t (jp) wrote: patinkin stood out for me in this historical drama....notable also as jimmy cagney's final theatrical film appearance.

Corey M (fr) wrote: Damn this movie to hell. I work at a library and I can't tell you how me people check this out over In The Heat of the Night, thinking this is the one where he says that famous line. It a procedural all the way, but worst of all it makes Tibbs seems like he is just an angry individual; hurting the identity of the character created in ITHTN who only seemed full of angst because of the situation he was in. But here he slaps his son three times in the face to teach him a lesson, not to mention him living in San Francisco and having a family completely goes back on his background established in the first film. There is only one good scene in this, at the end where Poitier is forced to act. His morals of whether to continue to serve the law are tested and it seems believable. Too bad the rest of the film is too ordinary to care. One more thing, Quincy Jones score in this is slammin', I liked the blues music he had in the first, but this is classing jamming jazz, much better than the movie.

James S (us) wrote: A sequel that was just as good as the first and actually had more laughs, fights, and fun. The old style mass fights are always appealing to me, especially when their played for laughs like they are here. The acting is great and York makes a great addition as the boastful Mike Fink. It's a great family friendly Disney classic that is as good as the first and as much as my favorite. "I can out-run, out-jump, out-sing, out-swim, out-dance, out-shoot, out-eat, out-drink..." "Out-talk?" "Out-talk, out-cuss, out-fight anybody in the whole Mississippi and Ohio Rivers put together!"

Allan C (au) wrote: Picturesque but dull frontier tale about mountain men moving out west in the late 1800s. Clark Gable leads a group of mountain men further west into the Northwest Territories, but runs afoul Native Americans led by Ricardo Montalban who Gable and company can't figure out why ar fighting them and think it's their land. This film isn't all that good even if you get past the racist Hollywood depiction of Native Americans. Director William Wellman actually disowned this film after studio recuts and the insertion of voice over narration. On the plus side, the film does feature the film debut of Timothy Carey

Paul C (de) wrote: Leslie Howard's own little piece of wartime propaganda - and a great effort it is too. This updates the 'Scarlet Pimpernel' story with the Nazi's as the bad guys (and proudly espousing their evil ways) played by stiff-upper lipped English actors.