The Wood

The Wood

In the panicky, uncertain hours before his wedding, a groom with prenuptial jitters and his two best friends reminisce about growing up together in the middle-class African-American neighborhood of Inglewood, California. Flashing back to the twenty-something trio's childhood exploits, the memories capture the mood and nostalgia of the '80s era.

This film follows the memories of a writer. In his wedding day, he accidentally deals with a friend's cold feet which reminds him of his youth with his best friends. Let's follow him and his wonderful memories in this interesting movie . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marcus M (au) wrote: Before diving into "The Neon Demon" I'd like to preface this by is review by saying that Nicolas Winding Refn is one of the most visually stylistic directors of modern cinema. It has been a pleasure to watch every movie he has directed from the "Pusher" trilogy to " Only God Forgives". Refn holds the viewer accountable to decipher the story/message of the images on screen like an art gallery piece as his films are usually space on dialogue. That being said "The Neon Demon" visually was the best movie from 2016, the plot however is as apathetic as the characters of the film,but I think that's the point? The movie follows Jesse (Elle Fanning) a 16 year old ( though she's told to say 19 by her agent) aspiring model who has that "it" factor, which draws everyone towards her in an obsessive and disturbing way. Early on Jesse meets Ruby (Jena Malone), a talented makeup artist who clearly has the hots for her. Ruby introduces Jesse to the most stereotypical super model mean girls Gigi (Bella Heathcote) a snarky plastic surgery addict and Sarah (Abbey Kershaw) who looks like she disdains every second of life in this movie. They're typical bitchy mean girls who see Jesse's beauty as a threat to their success. Jesse upstages each of the girls; Sarah at a runway audition and Gigi at the runway show. Jesse seems sweet and innocent but there is a vicious monster lurking underneath her beauty and this is a credit to Elle Fanning for pouring herself into the character. She ditches her goody two shoes boyfriend (Karl Glusman) who's in the movie long enough to be used by Jesse to take her initial test photos, and pay for damages to her cruddy room at a sleazy motel run by a creepy,rapey Keanu Reeves.After she hears the motel manager ( Keanu Reeves) raping a 13 year old next door; she goes to stay with Ruby who promptly tries to have sex with her, but Jesse rebukes her.This leads to Ruby losing her s**t apparently; because the next scene we see her doing funeral makeup on a body in the morgue, look longingly at it while flashes of Jesse go through her mind, and then mount and have sex with the corpse. Yes there is a lesbian necrophilia scene in this movie. We then she Jesse admit to Ruby she knows how dangerous her beauty is and how pathetic everyone that aspires to look half as good as her are. Sarah and Gigi then show up and team up with Ruby to kill Jesse. We see the three of them showering covered in blood.Ruby is next seen lying on top of what must be Jesse's corpse in a field of flowers. Gigi and Sarah are at a photo shoot where another model asks Sarah if she's ever been screwed out of a job by someone younger , and if so what did she do. Sarah says yes and replies, "I ate her". The photographer at the shoot is suddenly awed by Sarah who seems to have the "it" factor now. While on set Gigi gets sick, and runs to the bathroom. Sarah follows to see Gigi throw up an eyeball ;then say " I need to get her out of me" and proceeds to eviscerate herself with scissors. Sarah unphased, eats the eyeball and walks out. Roll Credits I was ready to give this 1/2 a star during the necrophilia scene,but after letting the movie sink in; it began to seem clear that this movie was a piece of meta art. A film about how empty and shallow the fashion industry is and how it destroys and devours young girls (yes that pun was intended). Revealed during her almost sex scene with Ruby; Jesse is a virgin which adds to the whole ruination of purity and innocence by the fashion industry. As you can tell even from the detail in my review, the movie didn't pick up steam til the last 20 minutes or so, and by that point you've already seen a necrophilia scene so how much crazier could it get.I respect the attempt Refn made at a glossy supermodel horror movie, but unlike "Black Swan" which also dealt with obsessive competition between catty girls in a beauty centric industry; "The Neon Demon" never lets us delve into the characters psyches to see them truly spiral. Every horrible act seems more reactive than cerebral. The soundtrack by ( Cliff Martinez) is incredible as always and the cinematography is something to behold but ultimately this film plays out like the darkest season of "America's Next Top Model " imaginable 2/5

Brandon M (mx) wrote: A bold departure from the normal apocalyptic movie.

Ahmed B (mx) wrote: Only the female actresses stand out in this film !!!

Jesse M (us) wrote: A solid disaster film that cuts to the chase and delivers the thrills with top notch fx to carry it out along with a likable cast albeit undercooked to follow through the tense obstacles for survival. It is unfortunate that the box office returns paralleled the I'll fated cruise ship.