The Woods Have Eyes

The Woods Have Eyes

When a group of young campers wander into the backwoods of upstate New York to see if Cappy's Cabin--a place they think exists only in urban legend--is real, they find themselves in a twisted game of predator and prey as night begins to fall. All they have to do is survive until dawn, but Cappy is very, very real, and night has only just begun...

Based on a true story. Summer as usual until a group of young children go missing in the forest. Tracked by a hunter and his crazy sons, to survive the children must take revenge into their own hands. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jack P (ag) wrote: The fifth film in the series and we once again see alice battling against umbrella cooperation and the zombies themselves. With very little human population left alice desperately seeks to end it all. A crazy addition with non stop action, forget about the games and just enjoy this film as a all out action zombie slaying epic.

Jeanie J (de) wrote: Don't remember really

Al H (au) wrote: Interesting documentary about an urban legend that is real.

Victoria W (ag) wrote: i have seen parts of the movie but i cant see the rest on utube or netflix. how does it end?

Ben L (au) wrote: Across the Universe is a movie that would work really well as an involving and devastating character drama if any of the characters beyond Jude, Lucy, Max and Jo-Jo were any interesting at all. This is a movie that will appeal to the snarky 13 year old boy with pretentious quotes from French metal albums on their Facebook timelines that lives in all of us, using timeless songs to tell stories that sometimes don't end up relating too well. In all honesty, I really want to love this movie. I love the Beatles, and the basic idea of this film was intriguing enough. I hadn't seen any trailers or read into the plot at all, so I went in completely blind (other than the fact that it is a musical that uses the Beatles' library as the framework for it's story), so I had no expectations. There are several scenes that just made me wonder 'why did they do this?' These scenes include shots that look like they came out of a mid-90's grunge band video that the director was fired for, and the others just flat out hurt to look at. Some of the music is really really really good, such as Jo-Jo singing 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps' with Jude, and the finale where Jude sings 'All You Need is Love'. Others, however, fall flat on their faces due to failed attempts to change the tune, key, or whatever to change the mood to fit the story. This is most evident in Prudence's teen angst version of 'I Want to Hold Your Hand'. Speaking of which, Prudence was a character who made no sense to me. She didn't bring anything, she didn't evoke any feelings inside me, and she especially doesn't help the overstuffed story move along any smoother. It is unfortunate that someone as talented as T.V. Caprio took the job, but hey, if I was offered the chance to be a character in a movie that revolves solely around the Beatles' music, I would have probably accepted the role too. Several characters have names that are so obviously references to the songs that will be used later on that it takes part of the surprise of the story out. I knew throughout the whole thing that Jude was going to have to go back home, and that someone singing 'Hey Jude' would make him 'go out and get her'. The use of Prudence as a character feels like it was the writers trying to justify the use of 'Dear Prudence' in a story context, but it all feels absolutely mundane and drawn out, especially given the nature of how that song would have worked better for Lucy as a character. However, the fact that the main love interest is named Lucy just reminds you that there will be some kind of 'Lucy in the Sky' joke lurking around the corner, wasting the great opportunity to call her Prudence instead, to make a parallel between 'Hey Jude' and 'Dear Prudence'. While I have a lot to say about this movie that is bad, I think there is a little more good than bad in this movie. For one thing, Jim Sturgess is a fantastic lead, Joe Anderson is a charismatic actor who is used perfectly as the funny sidekick who gets shipped off kinda character, and Martin Luther McCoy is a fantastic singer and a wonderful guitar player. Cameos from people like Bono make for some entertaining moments, and I think that the scenes that are centered around Jude's strawberry art are fantastic. Some of the songs are really good, and when they are, you almost forget that they were played by the Beatles in the first place. One in particular is the scene that incorporates 'Let it Be' into the death of Jo-Jo's brother. All in all, this movie cannot be good, and it cannot be bad, except for in the eyes of the beholder. Some films are just good, and some are just bad, but this will either work for you or make you want to vomit. It won't win over everyone, but if you like it, good on you, and if you hate it, that's okay. I personally will see it as a mildly amusing diversion and nothing more. It's not 'The Godfather', but it's not 'Twilight' either.

Bill R (au) wrote: This was pretty good. Seemed alittle odd at points with the dialogue but it was good.

Jonathan D (us) wrote: I did not care for this movie. Overacting by CCH Pounder. I didn't buy the story. CCH and her family were mean to the German lady and then all of a sudden they love her. Because she can do some crappy magic tricks. Yawn.

Jacob E (es) wrote: Watching a directorial debut is a fascinating practice, partially because you can see a filmmaker's trademarks already fully formed. With that in mind, Blood Simple is most definitely a Coen Brothers film, parts dark and deliriously funny. The Coen Brothers have proven themselves to be the best directors out there when it comes to "crime gone wrong" films, but it still manages to be shocking that they already had it down pat right out of the gate. The less you know about Blood Simple going in, the better. Just know that it's stylish, funny, and written with an efficiency that most screenplays lack. Pile on some great performances on top of that and you have a debut film on the level of Reservoir Dogs.

Nate T (ca) wrote: One of the many Gordon Douglas - Frank Sinatra film teamings... The two made some very good films together. This one with Doris Day is no exception. Deliberately paced but the songs more than make up for it. Sinatra made the title tune one of his signature songs. On Blu-ray.

Tom M (us) wrote: Gently funny and very English, "Genevieve" comes across resplendently today, 57 years on. It is visually striking, with the dashing crimsons of Kay Kendall's lipstick and the old roadster Genevieve herself. It is also splendidly acted, with John Gregson's reserve and Kenneth More's overgrown-schoolboy brio. Dinah Sheridan is the epitome of sensible and there is an amusing cameo from Joyce Grenfell. Kay Kendall's famous trumpet-playing scene is pivotal; a sorely underrated, unusual actress. It is a 'feelgood' film from a time when Britain seemed to have a lot to feel good about; there is a sense of enjoyment in tradition - the race and cars - alien to us today. The late scene with 'The Old Gentleman' is telling and moving in equal measure. Boyish enthusiasms are to be indulged; they maketh the man, this film seems to be saying - and this isn't a film that prudishly avoids sex and marital relations, either. Ealingesque, and of the best such vintage.

Jon P (us) wrote: This movie is a confusing pile of crap. The only good thing about it is the music and it manages to screw up that too.

Rockman I (mx) wrote: This movie is a guilty pleasure.