The Working Girls

The Working Girls

Honey comes to Los Angeles to seek her new lifestyle, but is flat broke. She gets a place to stay with Denise and Jill. Honey has hard luck finding a job, but eventually gets hired by a millionaire to just talk to him. Denise falls in love with a guitar player Honey brings home, but there's something shady going on with him. Jill works at the local strip bar as a waitress, and the manager has new plans for her. Soon the girls get thrown into danger by the illegal activities of the men they love, and must find a way to solve the problem.

Honey comes to Los Angeles to seek her new lifestyle, but is flat broke. She gets a place to stay with Denise and Jill. Honey has hard luck finding a job, but eventually gets hired by a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Saurabh G (it) wrote: It is definitely one step closer to Hollywood animation. Great storytelling and fantastic music were just icing on the cake!

Diganta B (gb) wrote: Remarkable criticism from Tomatoer Jack Mathews(The New York Daily), 'As thin and wispy as a dream you can't quite remember in the morning'. :PWhatever, you looked completely different honey(Paltrow), good change.

Rob G (ru) wrote: I like it bc looking past some flaws the cast & story are real

Chris H (ca) wrote: Echelon ConspiracyStarring:Shane West, Ed Burns, Ving Rhames, Martin SheenGenre: Action/ThrillerRated: PG-13 American IT engineer Max Peterson (Shane West) receives a mystery package with a phone in it. This phone gives him text messages that not only save his life but offer him easy money as well. After finishing a job in Thailand, Max goes to Prague on the advice of the text messages. Max is given specific text messages on what slots to play and when to bet big. This leads to excessive winning that puts him on the radar of former FBI agent now head of Casino security John Reed (Ed Burns). He is quickly picked up by Agent Grant (Ving Rhames) and finds out he is in a worldwide government conspiracy. That has something to do with the NSA and their Echelon computer which is wired in to the world?s video cameras and communication devices. I was curious how there was not much marketing on this film but what I did see I liked. Echelon is a mixture of Eagle Eye and the Bourne Identity however the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. It has some style courtesy of the Jason Bourne editing techniques that have become popular as of late, and the story starts off rather intriguing with the government?s ability to use technology to monitor everyone. Unfortunately this is the type of movie where after you watch it you see how they tried to tie everything together but there are just too many holes in the plot for it to work. Spoiler alert: The ending of this movie is ridiculous, Max has to convince Echelon that it?s in the American people?s interest for it not to exist, I actually was waiting for Max to play tic-tac-toe with Echelon ala WarGames. The main issue with the ending is that the computers prime directive is to protect the American people; if that is the case why does the computer kill 4 people, take the financial records of all Americans and allow a plane to crash? Nor does it explain why the computer makes text message threats to kill people in contact with the phone. When you think about everything that goes on in the movie and how this computer did it all to protect Americans it will make you shake your head in disbelief. Echelon will get lost in the shuffle at the theatre, It has the makings of a strait to DVD release and should have taken that route, that is where it will find its audience.

Janine Y (nl) wrote: its good i havn't seen the first one though

Mike S (de) wrote: Apparently the Pixies are boring people who seem apathetic toward each other, but their music still rocks. Oddly enough, I wish the director focused more on their mutual apathy & less on the concert footage, I can listen to their albums any time.

Ben S (ca) wrote: another show Kelsey Grammer is great at

Sarfara A (au) wrote: Owning Mahowny - written by Maurice Chauvet and directed by Richard Kwietniowski. Starring Philip Seymour Hoffman as Dan Mahowny, John Hurt and Minnie Driver. It is based on a real story set in early 80s - based on the book 'Stung' by Gary Ross (1987).Dan Mahowny (Philip Seymour Hoffman) is helper and recently promoted to be an assistant branch-manager of the Bank. Mahowny's is an addictive gambler - he has been playing with large sum of the money to subsidize his gambling habits. He is a frequent flier to a Casino in Atlantic City. The manager (John Hurt) of the Casino is a greedy person who should do everything to please Mahowny by offering him lavish stay, courteous staff. Mahowny has been backing the clients with fishy records. Mahowny's girlfriend (who is also a clerk at the bank) is fed-up about his obsession with gambling and calls it his 'gambling problems' - Mahowny doesn't accept believe in it he refers to it rather 'financial problems'.Philip Seymour Hoffman is gone from our world - he was one of my top-favorite actors around. I had always appreciated his acting skills, he was a gifted man with huge capacity to pull the audience towards himself. Hoffman's death has done huge loss to the Hollywood like a termite biting slowly on wood chunks. In Owning Mahowny, Hoffman plays the role solidly and dedicatedly. Some should not regard it huge glamour and glitz that displays abstract life at the Casino (like Martin Scorsese' Casino) - but generally speaking Hoffman has actually brought in focus a habit of a gambler whose inner-peace is lost. Too many movies lay their focus on glamourizing the Casino life and charm of the so-called witty gamblers - Hoffman has indeed cut open the gambler to let us see what they actually go through.Mahowny received six years sentence for fraud. He never bet again after what he went through. In Atlantic City the occasion became known as 'Dan Mahowny Day'. NOTE: I have seen gamblers - they are considered untouchable souls of the society. There was this illiterate but addictive gambler in my neighborhood - once while at his routine, it was notified to him that his infant daughter was ill and need to be taken to the hospital. He conveyed his message to his wife that he should be home soon - he was still gambling and the news arrived to him that his daughter had died, even after listening to this he kept playing. The messenger told the news to the owner of tea-hotel where he was playing (the owner is my neighborhood and a friend - he'd told me whole story) - this owner after being raged by his miserable attitude, threw him out of the hotel. So, I could entirely correlate this bad habit of gambling with that of Dan Mahowny - only in case of Mahowny, who did not consider it 'gambling problem'.

Mike D (de) wrote: Ending was absurd. Catherine Zeta-Jones was absurdly fine.

Jon L (fr) wrote: Quentin Tarantino's follow up to Pulp Fiction serves as his most different and unique story about people who aren't necessarily good nor bad, in the center of a 500,000 scheme. Pam Grier and Robert Forster are fantastic in their career reviving performance as a down on her luck stewardess and bail bondmen, respectively. This is my personal favorite Tarantino flick.A+

Cameron G (mx) wrote: This movie is kinda hard to understand and keep up with. Don Cheadle is good in this movie, but he plays a very religous muslim and in this movie we don'tnow why we are forced to root for the guy killing and blowin' up stuff with make-shift bombs. I feel that this movie also had some slow parts that could lose you. altogether, pretty good, but I wouldn't reccomend it.