The World

The World

“The World” is a theme park on the outskirts of Beijing, sixteen kilometers from the Chinese capital, designed around scaled representations of the world’s famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower or the Leaning Tower of Pisa.The site is seen here not from the visitors’ point of view but through the eyes of a few of its staff, lonely people, communicating poorly, a bit disillusioned with life, glittering for the tourists but dull and restricted as far as they are concerned.

An exploration on the impact of urbanization and globalization on a traditional culture. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Caitlin L (au) wrote: Boring. A very strange start to the movie in the hospital room.

Fukk F (gb) wrote: I wanna see this movie!

Michael C (jp) wrote: Since I'd taken a class in Sex, Gender and Culture class, I immerse myself into gender based films because they were always thought provoking and idealistic. A friend recommended me this flick which is featured in the Philadelphia Film Festival last December. This flick really defied the stereotypes of being a gay christian.Writer/director David Lewis (writer of the best-selling hit Under One Roof) crafts an emotionally realistic drama that instead of shying away from the complex nature of sexuality and spirituality embraces both topics uninhibitedly. Each character's passionate beliefs are respectfully on display, and Lewis shows how the soul, mind and heart can co-exist when generosity, love and the act of grace enter the picture.I would recommend this one to anybody with an open heart about love. Rock Haven is a picturesque seaside town that is about to become the setting for one man??s spiritual conflict. Although he??s a devout Christian whose mother is starting a religious school in the small coastal town, he??s about to be tempted by a charming young man with good looks and a carefree attitude. But how can his anti-homosexual beliefs coincide with what his heart and his body want him to do--and what choice will he ultimately make in the shadow of his mother and the church?

Mike L (ag) wrote: Over the top cheesy garbage.

Tati M (nl) wrote: the best that i have ever seen

David M (kr) wrote: Q: How do you know when a movie is a bona-fide hit?A: When it is turned into a Broadway Musical, has a reality-TV show obviously based on it starring KISS frontman Gene Simmons (Rock School), and is planned to turn into a TV series.All of which has happened to this movie.Starring Jack Black - who, I'd like to imagine, the Director just let rip as he's clearly having a blast - this is in reality a fish-out-of-water story, with his character of Dewey Finn the lead guitarist of a bar band, kicked out of said band, and stealing his flat-mates identity as a substitute teacher and then hatching a plan to get his class to become 'his' band.Of course, by the end of it, it becomes the kid's band, all of whom have now learnt self-respect, while Finn has learnt it's all not just about him.Normally I don't find Jack Black comedies all that funny; this is a rare exception.

Ade A (ca) wrote: One the one hand, these characters are adults with access and privilege that most don't amass in a lifetime. On the other, they're kids who haven't got a clue.

Todd S (ru) wrote: [font=Times][color=#000000]The plot is a bit out there but not horrible. The effects are standard for the film?s date of creation and the music isn?t bad. The acting actually made me wince a few times and laugh during a few scenes that weren?t meant to be funny.[/color][/font]

Tatsuhito K (ca) wrote: I really liked it! It started out slow and I wasn't sure where it was going, but in the end it was quite funny and really touching. Loved the chemistry between Pacino and Walken, and that's kind of all it matters. Stand Up Guys is a solid entertainment. Sometimes all it matters is the casting.

William James S (us) wrote: I was compelled to watch this movie because I've been watching the excellent FX miniseries "Feud: Bette & Joan" which tells the story of the behind scenes relationship of the two actresses, who apparently hated each other. I originally saw "Baby Jane" when I was very young, but really couldn't remember that much about it. It's entertaining enough, but was made in a time when being subtle wasn't what being a movie star was all about, and both Davis and Crawford are very over the top as was the direction, but as it moves along it gets better and Davis had the flashy role, thus her Oscar nomination. They actually coined a saying out of this movie, "hags-ploytation", due to the unexpected success of "Baby Jane", which spawned such stellar films as "Hush, Hush Sweet Charlote" and "Straight Jacket" to name a few.