The World Made Straight

The World Made Straight

In a rural Appalachian community haunted by the legacy of a Civil War massacre, a rebellious young man struggles to escape the violence that would bind him to the past.

In a rural Appalachian community haunted by the legacy of a Civil War massacre, a rebellious young man struggles to escape the violence that would bind him to the past . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew L (es) wrote: Trash cinema doesn't get much more trashier than this 'gem' from Roger Corman. Featuring ample amounts of female flesh and a truly ludicrous plot. Hit point or low point depending upon your sense of humour has got to be Treat Williams yodelling into 50ft Cheerleaders vagina closely followed by the suggestion that the only way anyone will be able to 'get her off' now would be to go 'Spelunking'! Take it or leave it folks.

Carmen C (nl) wrote: 3.5/5. Not bad. It's a funny movie.

Jim G (gb) wrote: 3D to the max....ah I mean, IMAX. A truly impressive documentary on the world's oceans with a zoom-in on the coast of South Africa. I truly learned alot and saw things I'd never even imagined happening in the world. No CG, no sci-fi, just the facts. I highly recommend this 3D experience. Oh, watch out for the shark other there coming at you!

Kyle C (ru) wrote: Travis Betz's film is engaging, and darkly funny in a way that is so quirky that it occasionally reminds you not to take it too seriously. At times, it reminds me a lot of the comedy used in Sam Raimy's Evil Dead saga. But in the center of the comedy and quirkiness there is the main character who generally holds the audience to his cause in the movie, and ultimately leads us to the very heart-felt end of this gem of an indie film.

Jonathan R (ca) wrote: Despite the duff reviews, this is actually a very enjoyable throwaway fight movie, with the added bonus of being set in the Tekken arena. It's quite clever how they make the bouts just like the game and the settings also replicate the scenery well. Jin's a bit weedy compared to his CGI counterpart, but does a fine job nonetheless. Would've been very interesting if Panda and Roger Jr were in it too...!

Pascal M (ca) wrote: Bon film sur les jeux de l'amour et du hasard dans une cit de banlieue, ou les principaux protagonistes montent une pice de Marivaux pour le lyce, intressant de voir le parallle entre les deux et les tensions et relations entre amis, ex, filles/garons, avec de jeunes acteurs trs bons. Donc bien, mais il faut apprecier le contexte (la cit) et la culture qui s'y rattache.

Adam R (ca) wrote: (First and only viewing - In my early twenties)

Matthew M (de) wrote: the quality of the dvd or movie is bad but the action is good plus the cheesyness

Angela B (br) wrote: Great movie for it's time.....

Francisco F (kr) wrote: L'evidence du genie.

Scott W (us) wrote: Hopeless final entry in the Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan series features a portly looking Weissmuller, wearing sandals for some reason, pearl smuggling and a coastal tribe who are more like latin americans or South Pacific islanders than Africans. George Zucco looks ridiculous as their high priest wearing a tunic adorned with seashells and complete with crown of limpet shells! There are several woeful musical interludes from an irritating courier called Benji. There is no Boy this time and to make matters worse there is a different chimpanzee playing Cheetah! A sad final film as this just doesn't have the same feel as the previous films, despite some interesting sets and natural locations which are actually far more impressive than many of the jungle sets of previous entries.

Brian R (us) wrote: "This fortress - built by nature for herself; This blessed plot, this Earth, this realm, this England." Holmes locks horns with the fiendish Moriarty once more, determined that a revolutionary new bomb-sight shouldn't fall into the hands of the Nazis. A splendid film where everybody involved seems to be having a rollicking good time. There are japes aplenty. After Moriarty learns of Holmes's idea of killing him by draining him of his blood (exquisitely slowly, natch) Moriarty jests "The needle to the last, eh Holmes?" Holmes, possibly because he is still sporting the extraordinary hairstyle first seen in The Voice of Terror goes in disguise not once, not twice, but thrice. Dennis Hoey makes his first appearance as the lumbering but well-meaning Inspector Lestrade. Kaaren Verne (one of Peter Lorre's missuses) plays the pleasingly full-lipped Swiss Miss Eberli. And it all ends with Holmes's quote from King Richard II (see above). Stirring stuff!

Paul Z (ag) wrote: One of Hollywood's most idiosyncratic money-spinners, Joel Schumacher pairs two of our very most compelling actors in that timeless Odd Couple formula to show that even the most incompatible strangers can cultivate each other's humanity, and together they build a personal connection to face their uncertain futures. And both powerhouse stars have great physical gimmicks to play off of in their characters! Though Schumacher also disrupts his intriguing premise with tacked-on and overworked plot engines it didn't need to tell such a humanistic story, although the movie's overcrowdedness gives it full emotional and tonal flavor and paints a whole world and ensemble in a New York tenement world straight out of the movies.

Dean B (ca) wrote: Someone once said "Of course it has a sad ending--this is an Irish tale." And there you are: Socialist Jimmy Gralton returns to his Irish homeland after years in America listening to jazz and dancing with black women (!); he promptly re-opens the community hall so the townspeople have a place to meet, to learn crafts, to read, and to dance and celebrate. This, of course, is exactly what the wealthy landowners and the Catholic Church--both of whom are interested in keeping the people beaten down, docile, and subservient--don't want, and it's only a matter of time before we get to threats, things being set on fire, dealings with heartless clergy who know nothing of God's love, etc. etc. It's beautifully made--the cinematography and production design are without peer, and the editing and direction are smooth and graceful--but it's designed to make you feel enraged yet impotent. Mission accomplished.

Kerry H (it) wrote: Truely amazing film. Casting is perfect, storey line great. A truely remarkable film.

Niels D (jp) wrote: I don't understand the disappointed reactions some people had after seeing this movie. It's just as funny and action-packed as its predecessor, again brilliantly acted but with a slightly less interesting storyline.

neel p (au) wrote: One for the trailer made it look much better category. It's a mix of Blair witch project and Turistas (Paradise lost). Told in hand held cam format as two couples head into the jungle looking for a long lost heir to the Rockefeller fortune. Very slow to start and quite bleak, by ...( read more)the end you don't care what happens to them. Only gets gory for the last 15 mins or more. One for camcorder horror fans only really.