The World of Inner Space

The World of Inner Space

This is a promotional short for the feature film _Around the World Under the Sea (1966)_ . The crew...

This is a promotional short for the feature film _Around the World Under the Sea (1966)_. The crew that filmed the underwater scenes used specially designed cameras and other equipment in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Taylor W (mx) wrote: The movie is fantastic and on other days I could watch it a lot. I find that it should that even the dead can can always find a change of heart and people and change them to be something new.

Carlos R (de) wrote: Oh god. No. Just no.

Cj O (br) wrote: This was a very funny movie! These critics who should probably stop watching comedies or just realize they've seen too many comedy movies to really find this funny and that most people haven't seen as many comedies as they have! Yes, there was some stupid stuff, but there's something stupid in EVERY comedy! So sue them!

Brandon S (nl) wrote: had potential... went mediocre

Justin P (ca) wrote: a very good look at this portion of greek mythology.

Ben L (nl) wrote: While I never saw Wrath of Khan I was aware of a number of key plot points because of my time in geek culture. So, how is it possible (knowing it was coming and even seeing the moment out of context before) that I was crying at the end of this film? I have to chalk it up to strong characters, and good story structure. There was enough build and excitement that I basically forgot more drama was coming. Ending the film in that way was a bold choice and I am impressed that they didn't cheapen it in the same way Into Darkness did when it emulated the same climax.My only complaint about Wrath of Khan comes in the slow build of the first act. There seemed to be a lot of references to how long it had been since they were on the Enterprise and how old they were getting. It was a bit of nostalgic reflection that might suit fans, particularly at that time, but felt a little drawn out to me. I know the trope of the over-the-hill guys pulling together for one last hurrah, but knowing they would do this several more times in the movies kind of weakened that scene for me.Otherwise, once Moby Dick in Space gets going, I was hooked. Most of the space battles and action sequences are actually fairly brief, yet I was tense through every single one. I loved the interactions between Kirk and Khan, as they kept trying to outdo one another, and pushed one another's buttons. The sequence where the Enterprise crew hacks the shields was so well done I was clenching the arms of my chair in anticipation. I have to say, considering everyone in the world seems to think Wrath of Khan is the best Star Trek film, I kind of expected to find it disappointing and unable to live up to the hype. Yet this truly is one of the greatest Star Trek films of all time. I haven't had a franchise movie impact me on such a visceral and emotional level in a long time. This one accomplished that and then some. It's a movie I was thinking about for hours afterwards, and will probably seek to add to my collection.

Maxwell S (mx) wrote: An inhuman masterpiece.

Raphael P (kr) wrote: Drole et etrange a la fois ....

Alice P (jp) wrote: Hilarious and fun movie that deals with losing your job to a computer. Great movie.