The World of Ludovic

The World of Ludovic

Ludovic, a young boy neglected by his artsy parents, falls in love with Sophie, the daughter of a piano teacher. They meet in secret places in the city. Not long after Sophie's father finds them naked together in her room, Ludovic is sent away to spend time with his grandparents. Sophie runs away from home to join him, and they hide along the seashore and in abandoned buildings. After they are found, their parents try to keep them separate, but they both fall into deep depressions.

Ludovic, a young boy neglected by his artsy parents, falls in love with Sophie, the daughter of a piano teacher. They meet in secret places in the city. Not long after Sophie's father finds... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karl L (ag) wrote: Very Well done. This is really a documentary, and the title is misleading, but it is a good watch.

Serra R (us) wrote: It's Cullen not Dali!!!!!!!!

TheScarlatescu R (mx) wrote: best comedian at the moment!!!

Olivia C (it) wrote: An excellent feminist and anthropological watch. A little long but is far more interesting than a documentary would have been. The film handles an uncomfortable topic in an effective and believable way.

Jan N (mx) wrote: very good Viet Nam movie. Sure shows the action and what happened..

Noah S (us) wrote: The cast is good but the movie's a bit yawn inspiring. I would rent it/buy it as a first date movie.

Eamon M (mx) wrote: I think Wim Wenders made the film for the Portuguese travel industry but it doesn't feel like a puff piece. It's a whimsical film with great music from Madredeus. Wenders really makes you want to be in Lisbon.

Steve S (gb) wrote: Fanny (2013) : Cette fois-ci, tout repose sur les paules de Daniel Auteuil en tant qu'acteur. Et y a rien faire, il n'arrive pas incarner Csar comme il faut.

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Ker Malkin G (br) wrote: I thought this movie was going to be awesome. My bad.

David J (kr) wrote: I didn't read the graphic novel that this is based on before seeing it, and I'm glad I didn't. I think this story is so much better than the source material. It's intelligent and the action compliments the story. I've watched it several times and really feel this one of the better animated movies that DC has done.

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