The World's Greatest Goals: Volume II

The World's Greatest Goals: Volume II


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:55 minutes
  • Release:1990
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:argentina,   france,   sequel,  

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The World's Greatest Goals: Volume II torrent reviews

Bryan D (fr) wrote: A great cast and a very strong start save the films ultimately muddled story. Secondly, if you are going to have a mystery regarding who the killer is try not to make it the most obviously creepy person you meet early on.

Maurcio V (de) wrote: Mesmo que ingnuo e superestimado, Contra o Tempo um bom filme, com bastante ritmo e interpretaes carismticas do Jake Gyllenhaal, da Vera Farmiga e da Michelle Monaghan.

Alice S (ag) wrote: Amir Bar-Lev pilots a frank and bare bones documentary that lightly critiques society's willful or unintentional manipulation of gifted children, the ethics of art dealing and documentary journalism itself, and the snobbery and baldfaced groupthink of the art world. Also of note is the credit given to the underrated skill and sensibility that goes into abstract art. Even people who don't "get" abstract art should still be able to discern cracks in the "Child Prodigy" authorship narrative with Bar-Lev's objective camera, especially in the side-by-side comparison views of Marla's off-screen and on-screen paintings.

Joseph C (br) wrote: It started out boring then as the movie went on it got even better and it was really watchable. Not the kind of horror movie i'd watch again though. But it was an okay movie.

Lee K (kr) wrote: This documentary was lent to me by a friend of mine and who is also a Titanic buff. I was leant a regular dvd copy of this film and now im searching like a mad man to see if this does in fact exist on blu-ray format. When i find it it will be added to the Kyle collection effective immediatly. Aside from Michael Moore's documentaries this has to be one of the best documentaries i have ever had the pleasure of watching. Director James Cameron (Titanic, Avatar, The Abyss) with a must have been very very expensive team of scientists and divers including actor Bill Paxton journey miles off the coast of Newfoundland to the orginal site where on April 14th 1912 the massive ocean liner the Rms Titanic struck an iceberg and sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic where it has lied silently for 98 years in its watery grave. Their mission there, to submerge inside two mini subs armed with floating specially made mini robotic cameras and journey down to where the ruins of the Titanic remain, Did I mention big bucks!!?? Its lucky James Cameron had a hefty payday from the motion picture Titanic or i dont think this whole mission would have been financially visable. We as the audience get to watch a very very nervous Bill Paxton question his sub's operator as they prep for Bill's first dive, the what ifs. We also get to sit back and lose ourself in one of the most fascinating yet horrific happenings of the 20th century. Cameron's robotic cameras take us where no other man has journeyed yet even photographed, inside the hull as it remains today. A definate future own for myself and a definate watch for everyone.

Kristina K (it) wrote: I loved it and I don't even know why. Kept me smiling throughout.

James H (es) wrote: Excellent battle of the sexes film, with a very pleasing pairing of Gregory Peck and Lauren Bacall, they have great chemistry. Exceptional production values, particularly the costumes and art direction. Good screenplay and the supporting cast is great.

Tom B (de) wrote: "And here's to the time when we were little girls and no one asked us to marry."We watched this tonight and were impressed. Crawford is the heart and soul of the picture. I'm guessing she chose this for emphasis, portraying the dillema of a woman in a marriage of stifled emotions who yearns to be free, drawn to the energy of a passionate violinist, only to go from one trap to another. This is the inverse of a romantic comedy. In this instance the battle results in a kind of tragedy. The first half seems to be his story, the second half hers. Crawford is possibly my favorite classic A-list actress. She navigates the waters of noir, skims the surface of B-pictures, but resolutely strives to bring the lower-depth stories to light for fair and truthful treatment. Her performance speaks much that the words of the sript can't tell. Her conflict is given remarkable care, considering the era and the general attitudes one might expect towards this kind of drama being played out in reality (easy to judge such a woman!). The dirty pawprints of the production code are visible here and there, but the meaning comes through loud and clear. It's a story that feels real and still speaks to public mores and attitudes. Things we liked about the film include the direction, the dark noirish cinematography, all the performances, but especially the always funny Oscar Levant, the incredibly tight script and scenes, much I think by Clifford Odets, and of course the music. For those who love virtuoso performances this is chopped by none other than a young Issac Stern. The Carmen Fantasia is especially thrilling. The film is a bit long, probably because several musical performances go on for several minutes. I saw this with my father when I was a boy. I didn't remember any of the story, but I remembered we gave special attention to the film because I was playing the violin at the time and anything to do with classical music took precedent. I know now that whatever film I saw, one with lots of fun violin playing, my father saw a different film, understanding more about the story than I could possibly grasp at such an age. When I see it now I see a much fuller story, more depth, more meaning. Much more at stake. And of course, Joan Crawford.

Jim T (gb) wrote: Great story....great acting

Philip S (fr) wrote: The film starts off fairly well, with a suspenseful manhunt. The motives of the pursued and pursuer are kept from the audience, adding to the intrigue. As the film moves from the snowy mountains to the desert plains, however, the film, like its characters, begins to drag more and more and the life is sucked from it. Not the effect the director was going for, I imagine. When the motives are revealed, they are disappointing and ill-suited to the characters as we know them. The scenery and acting are fine; it's the script that lets this movie down. For a film that started off so well, it left me feeling terribly unsatisfied. The choice for the ending is incomprehensible. I really wanted to like this movie, but I simply cannot recommend it.