The Worst Christmas of My Life

The Worst Christmas of My Life

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The Worst Christmas of My Life torrent reviews

Ollie W (gb) wrote: A great addition to the tv series.

Abby S (es) wrote: One of the best films I've seen

Julio B (nl) wrote: Really terrible film on all fronts. The only thing I found entertaining here is that Kyle Gass of Tenacious D fame has a small role. Otherwise, the movie is a total waste.

Inta K (us) wrote: pretty good nice that there is such illness to which give all the credit!

Leena L (de) wrote: Angelina Jolie theme day, film 3: I was not impressed. at first. then it got spooky. then really stupid and then down right scary thriller, although I saw the end coming. Not as bad as the reviews would have you believe. Olivier Martinez with accent, Kiefer Sutherland (yuk) and Ethan with a twist.

Jason J (br) wrote: This is probably one of the most controversial of all of the Nikkatsu rape movies (there was a series of these kind of movies released in Japan during the mid/late 70?s) which is not helped by the fact that the women being raped in the movie seem to enjoy the experience and give money for the rapists to come back and do it again!! It does push the boundaries of decency especially during the final quarter when the character Crimson gets a dose of his own medicine in an empty outside swimming pool by a homosexual gang. Despite the blatantly un-PC storyline, it does have some good acting, tense scenes and a great baroque/classical soundtrack. It certainly packs a punch as well though only the swimming pool scene is truly shocking. The director Yasuhara Hasebe sure knows how to push the viewer to their limit.Those that are easily offended please approach with caution but if you're a person that wants to sample a slice of extreme Japanese exploitation cinema, this movie is a good place as any to start.

Mark W (gb) wrote: Probably rubbish, but wouldn't mind seeing it later on DVD

Adam R (ru) wrote: Feels like a less complicated Catch Me If You Can but with the focus solely being on the criminal. This is a funny, almost surreal, little movie that mainly works due to the charms of its leads Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor. They play off of each other incredibly well and elevate the material to a much higher level.In the end, this is a cute little waste of time kind of movie. You'll enjoy it as you watch it but will likely forget it a week after its over.