The Worst Witch

The Worst Witch

Mildred is one of the young girls at a prestigious witch academy. She can't seem to do anything right and is picked on by classmates and teachers. The headmistress of the school, Miss Cackle, has an evil twin sister (Agatha) who plans to destroy the school. Can Mildred foil the plan before the Grand Wizard (Tim Curry) comes to the Academy for the Halloween celebration you'll never forget?!!

Mildred is one of the young girls at a prestigious witch academy. She can't seem to do anything right and is picked on by classmates and teachers. The headmistress of the school, Miss ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nitai A (it) wrote: Nothing worth to see.

Casey B (kr) wrote: The Yellow Sea is about twenty minutes too long and has several moments of narrative incoherence (as well as lapses in logic) near its end. Which is unfortunate because for the most part, the film is another example of Korea's ability to seemingly pump out smart, gritty thrillers at will.

Gev V (ru) wrote: just rewatched this. ayos talaga.

Buck P (us) wrote: Very Very Very good. From Poland. Give it up for the Polish. A family drama (social-realism). Very depressing and i loved it! One of the best Foreign films i have seen in ages! A must see

Harry W (jp) wrote: Although xXx was a most unsatisfactory film, my desire to explore everything Ice Cube had done drew me into xXx: State of the Union.xXx: State of the Union serves as the sequel to xXx (2002), an overblown film which failed to do any justice for me as a viewer. xXx's main fault was the fact that it did not deliver on the generic contract it made to the MTV crowd. It had plenty of Vin Diesel, but little in terms of X-Games sports or high profile action. xXx: State of the Union takes a different approach since it forsakes extreme sports and heavy metal music in favour of military warfare and rap music. The contrast between the nature of class in these elements is intended to be a source of comic value for the film, but the potential for any smart satirical edge is burdened by overbearing direction and an excessive reliance on the novelty of the main actor.xXx: State of the Union boasts Lee Tamahori as director, and though he was once the great New Zealand filmmaker who created the masterpiece Once Were Warriors, he is now a recognizable sellout of massively overblown proportions. With xXx: State of the Union, Lee Tamahori repeats the feat he "accomplished" on Die Another Day (2002) of crafting a film loaded with gadgets and over the top action without much in the way of practicality, favouring visual effects significantly more. Die Another Day was the film which made audiences confront the fact that director Lee Tamahori specialized in putting way too much CGI into a single film, while prior to that he made it clear on Along Came a Spider (2001) that he did not have an eye for convincing visual effects. If you can recall that intro scene from the latter where the poorly rendered CGI car crash happens, imagine that going on for ten times as long and you have xXx: State of the Union. The major scenes in the film to use CGI cross between two central flaws: being so overblown that the featre looks animated at one moment, then cutting to actors clearly placed in front of a green screen at the next. I'll admit that there certainly wasn't as much CGI overkill as I was expecting in the film, but the action had other faults to it too. Whenever the film makes use of practical stunts or close combat fight scenes instead of visual effects, excessively choppy editing is the central thing plaguing the film. In a reflection of the ridiculously fast pace of the film, the editing in xXx: State of the Union attempts to keep things feeling quick through choppy editing techniques. By that regard, much of the action in xXx: State of the Union features the two faults destroying the industry of action cinema today. There are some sporadic moments of intense fun within the high quantity of it all and the over the top nature of some of the stunts is surely funny on some level, but it is hardly enough to constitute a film that is any kind of legitimate. Still, the fact that xXx: State of the Union maintains a faster pace and significantly larger quantity of action than its predecessor means it is automatically superior in my opinion. xXx was a film which took its story too seriously, but xXx: State of the Union doesn't even pretend to care about having one. This proves to benefit and detract from the film because it paves the way for the film to focus significantly more on action, but at the same time it rushes through things at such a ridiculous pace that the manic energy can prove overwhelming. But even with such a rapid pace, xXx: State of the Union cannot run fast enough to escape the fact that its story is ludicrously senseless. The plot in xXx: State of the Union is incompetent, desperately attempting to string together a collection of spy movie conventions and ridiculously convoluted plot twists with a series of over the top wall-to-wall action scenes without even much of an attempt to pretend there is anything strong enough to tie it all together.One notable difference between the two xXx films is that the cast seem more relevant this time around.Ice Cube's performance is a little much. The man has a heavy persona, but he lacks the muscular physique provided by Vin Diesel which makes him less convincing during action scenes. It makes him difficult to believe as Navy Seal Darius Stone, and as it is there are some moments where the use of stunt doubles is clear. The attempts to disguise this beneath the editing are not always convincing, and yet Lee Tamahori brushes over all this to pretend that it can be taken seriously. By contrast, the character cannot. xXx: State of the Union relies so heavily on the stereotypical nature of Ice Cube's street persona that it throws them in the viewer's face repeatedly without the use of subtlety, and as a result his jokes are milked bone dry. The most critical of viewers who are not already large fans of Ice Cube are bound to find frustration in this, and even for his fans it can prove a little much. Still, with everything around him being so ridiculous, he proves to be the better kind and brings audiences the gift of laughter. Giving the former rapper a leading role in a $110 million action film is a ridiculous enough concept as it is, and yet despite being ridden with a ludicrous nature on the surface and in deep, Ice Cube's performance remains the greatest thing about xXx: State of the Union. The man is a novelty in the film, and despite heavy repetition his persona is hilarious to me as a fan of his. He is clearly there to play a stereotypical character and appeal to an esoteric market, but since I happen to fall into that I was able to happily embrace everything senseless about his effort by favouring his instinctive comedic charisma as being sufficient. Ice Cube has more comedic edge than Vin Diesel did, and so I feel that there is more to the character this time.And Samuel L. Jackson gets slightly more screen time in xXx: State of the Union than he did in the preceding film, and considering that his sophisticated African-American stereotype contrasts with Ice Cube's "gangsta" edge there is a slight sense of comedy that comes from their interactions. He is condemned to appearing sporadically and delivering heavily generic language, but his consistent confidence always keeps him maintaining a sense of confident understanding over what he's doing. Samuel L. Jackson steps it up for his appearance in xXx: State of the Union and so he too is an improvement over the preceding film.The presence of Xzibit is also a nice touch. But I will say that I found frustration with the role played by Scott Speedman. Scott Speedman is little more than an annoying detraction from Ice Cube in xXx: State of the Union. In an intent to create comedic contrast for Ice Cube's "gangsta" archetype, Scott Speedman plays the fish out of water stereotype as the honky among gangstas. Though he is naturally lifeless, the contrast to the more appealing stereotypes around him makes his effort seem even less appealing as a result. Scott Speedman fails to stir up any laughter and merely becomes a blank face and lifeless face in a film which moves much faster than he can keep up with.So xXx: State of the Union benefits from the over the top nature of Ice Cube's stereotypical persona and an increase in action since the preceding film, but the overtly repetitive nature of the script, convoluted narrative (or lack thereof) and action that oscillates between CGI overkill and choppy editing ultimately ensures that it too is nothing to boast about.

Hal M (us) wrote: I was fortunate to see this at the Philadelphia Film Festival in 2001. It is a real head trip! At center is a writer trying to write about an author who can't seem to decide who he really is or what he's supposed to be authoring. Yes--it gets dizzyingly self-referential real fast. There are some truly amazing optical illusions and other special cinematic effects that won filmmaker Gert de Graaf several film festival awards. The film itself was a European Film Academy nominee for the Best Foreign Film Oscar. My main gripe with the movie is the relatively unsympathetic lead. The fellow is at best exasperating, at worst aggravating. I think "whimsical and befuddled" would have been much better. Director de Graaf attended the Philly film festival and answered questions from the audience afterward. When asked when his next film would be coming out he said "there won't be one! It was too frustrating getting funding for this one!" Hopefully he'll reconsider that stance. Meantime he's been seen acting as judge for several other film festivals, such as Venice's.

Sameen M (es) wrote: One of the best movies I've ever seen. So strange and bizarre. Fantastic.

Haydn W (ru) wrote: Slow but with that unique early 80's slasher atmos. Plus some nice split focus shots.

Vincent Solyenincy G (br) wrote: Another masterpiece from Director Bergman, I think that this film is the most psicological of his oeuvre.

Greg W (ca) wrote: In the unfolding of the major theme the story lacks dramatic intensity, and little effort is made to justify the action of the central character.

Craig H (us) wrote: A touching story with fantastic cinematography.

Greg E (fr) wrote: Join my page here on Flixter and check out my In Tribute to Louis Armstrong CD.

Hunter W (ru) wrote: It's still unnecessarily long and muddled, but the Desolation of Smaug improves upon the first installment by featuring more excitement and forward momentum.

Claudia M (au) wrote: One of the most complex movies, mixing love, heroism, pain and unexpected. Naturally, you will be touched and dragged by heartbreaking scenes, mixed feelings of confusion and desperation in front of life and human-love. 'Twice Born' successfully leaves a print in your heart in presenting relations at different stages: her-him , mother-son and war-nation. It is impossible to pause the storytelling, you would achieve to live past times, breathe, smile and cry through the characters without having a clue of what happened or what it will happen in the end. Living each moment at high intensity is not an option but rather a demand. After ' Twice Born' you might feel grateful for your life, love and freedom. Art can be found in all the scenes. For me Penelope Cruz and Emile Hirsch's acting was impeccable and sincere, they took drama at a whole new level where the unexpected becomes the most painful key element.

Catherine H (jp) wrote: I really loved it! It's so funny! The idea of trying to find if your ex is a suitable candidate now makes an interesting topic for a comedy. And the movie comes with a plus: Chris Evans (he's really hot) One of my favorite rom com-

Tim J (us) wrote: Worth watching for the cinematography, alone. Unfortunately there is not much of a plot to get invested in. The film's symbolic formula seems very repetitive and redundant, making the 2 hour runtime seem like an eternity.