The Wrong Guy

The Wrong Guy

An executive (Dave Foley) after being passed over for a promotion to president storms into his office only to find the man who got the promotion dead. Assuming everyone will think he committed the crime he takes off as a fugitive...

In Cleveland, the histrionic and clumsy executive Nelson Hibbert expects to be promoted to president of the Nigel Industries since he is engaged to the owner's daughter. However, his future... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zaheer S (au) wrote: In brief... with it's true to life story and awesome soundtrack it's a rare gem in today's Bollywood.

Aidan m (es) wrote: It was so creepy it was a very well crafted and when you finally see the monster (barely though) it is horrible.

Sylvia H (de) wrote: This is one if the best movies ever made!!

Liam G (br) wrote: solid movie I avoid watching because it looked cheap but well made and interesting piece. William Forsythe (who really doesnt get the credit hes due thanks to taking to many generic bad guy rolls in the 80s) is such a good Gacy I think he could be a serial killer in real life and that's why he doesn't make alot of movies now.

Pablo E (kr) wrote: Si bien tena muchos mejores recuerdos de Persepolis, la verdad es que sigue siendo una gran pelcula. Con interesantes animaciones, Marjane Satrapi se desnuda contando su vida de violencia en iran, su huda a Suiza a estudiar, y el regreso a una patria de la cual slo puede avergonzarse da a da. Muy recomendable. es ya un clsico.

Andrew C (us) wrote: Ok, so i'm a big kid and a romantic, oh and I like Amy Adams (who is brilliant in this), oh and the songs are good too.

Sebastin I (gb) wrote: malisima. no se como me la alquile

Ben v (ag) wrote: Moving Australian drama full of fine performances.

Michael W (kr) wrote: Subpar effort with Viet Nam vet going through a reeling set of depressing circumstances, which torpedoes any comedic elements. As talented as Pryor was, this was another relative flop. This vet doesn't even get invited to a "Salute the Troops" event by the local sports team.

Daniel K (au) wrote: Just when one thinks Berkeley may be mortal (at around the 70 minute point in Dames), Berkeley manages a succession of musical numbers that would make Luis Bunuel irrationally jealous with Berkeley's mastery of the surreal. The story is probably the weakest of the Berkeley films I've seen, but the last numbers still manage to amaze. Incredible.

Joel A (it) wrote: A sharp & snappy film made by Roaul Walsh in 1915 that is incredibly innovative and modern.A highly moral story but a story told well none the less. A young child growing up in a tough home turned gangster then slowly changed by the woman in the street mission.Although the story is familiar it was told well with excellent direction & strength of performances.

Olufemi S (au) wrote: I have no nostalgia for nor fascination with the music or culture of the 70s... not the way it's presented in this movie, anyway. So watching this bored me in the same way Boogie Nights did, which I don't think is a coincidence.It's not that it was "bad". I just didn't care. Which may be an even more egregious offense.

Pia K (mx) wrote: Aika ennalta-arvattava ja pitkhk leffa, vhempikin olisi riittnyt? Pointsit siit ett elokuva perustuu tosiasioihin. Matt Damonia ja elimi on mys aina kiva katsella. ;) (suom. Koti elintarhassa)