The Wrong Man

The Wrong Man

US merchant sailor Alex Walker (Kevin Anderson) is stranded in Mexico, penniless and wanted by the police. He meets and joins up with an unlikely couple - ageing but likeable shit Phillip Mills (John Lithgow) and young sexy, frustated wife Missy (Rosanna Arquette). The three develop a curiously inter-dependent relationship. Meanwhile, Police Captain Diaz and Detective Ortega are closing in and the plot circle is closed at Tapachula rail station amidst a stack of mistakes and wrong decisions.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:104 minutes
  • Release:1993
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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US merchant sailor Alex Walker (Kevin Anderson) is stranded in Mexico, penniless and wanted by the police. He meets and joins up with an unlikely couple - aging but likable shit Phillip ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Felipe P (fr) wrote: O desenrolar da histria meio lento mas a mensagem direta e clara sobre os perigosos e consequncias do bullying. Me lembrou um pouco de Die Welle. Apesar de ser um pouco complicado assistir ao filme com o udio original, visto que ele em holands, vale a pena o trabalho extra, a traduo tira a intensidade/verdade do filme.

Vijay G (us) wrote: To me, this is a social documentary at it's best.There is hardly any narration and the director let's you judge the issue on your own, but are we ever really in position to judge others lives, culture and issues. A superbly shot documentary.

Gabriel K (nl) wrote: I was expecting a mediocre melodrama, but was pleasantly surprised by excellent performances and the story line that was not quite what we've seen so many times before. Unfortunately there were some gaps in the narrative and the court scenes seemed a bit exaggerated, but a decent movie nonetheless.

James K (us) wrote: A demented but strangely endearing biopic, 'Chopper' is a violent and visually striking film featuring a brilliant lead performance from Eric Bana.

Nalini S (fr) wrote: Pretty good heist and the fact that it was a true story makes it excellent.

Russ B (kr) wrote: 3/3/2016: An ok revenge flick. Not near as good as John Wick or the Equalizer though.

Ethan U (kr) wrote: good 90s movie. corny at times but not over the top. Tupac was a pretty good actor. He, and Belushi fit well together. good plot and decent acting from everyone

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Daniel K (jp) wrote: 3.5: Howard Hawks' last film, so a must see for any fan. It's crazy to think the Grey Fox was still making pictures even into the 70's. It's a pretty standard no-nonsense Hawks/Wayne western, although it finds both men at a fairly advanced ages, which shakes things up a bit. This particular film covered a bit more ground than is usual as well. I certainly didn't expect it to start during the Civil War and then move on to a chase. One could describe it as a murder robbery vengeance mystery western, or something like that. It certainly couldn't be favorably compared with their earlier collaboration bearing a similar title, Rio Bravo, but it was still thoroughly entertaining. It seemed like a bit of a throwback. Hawks wasn't about to change the way he worked just because Hollywood was changing. He stuck with what he knew and I'm guessing had fun doing it. It's not Ford, Mann, Leone, or Peckinpah. Hawks had his own style. I'm fairly certain many of the young woman were cast more for their beauty than their acting talent. The topless, seductive, and very inviting young woman seemed to be pretty fantastical. I suspect this was especially fun for Hawks. John Wayne still had it even in 1970 as well. I loved the young woman calling him "comfortable" as an explanation for why she chose to bed down next to him instead of their younger travel companion. He certainly grew as an actor over the course of his career and managed to build upon his earlier work right up until the end. Stars like him are not around anymore. Thd dialogue is fairly straightforward and the performances subdued and authentic. I'm curious where it was filmed. There were more than a few scenes that looked a lot like Northern Chihuanan desert and even more specifically, the foothills of the Chisos Mountains in south Texas.

Ben W (us) wrote: a baffling godard film. it seems really hard to figure out exactly whats going on at first but upon reflection it becomes clearer.....and perhaps a bit more obnoxious. its godard at his most cerebral, allying himself with the student population. the amazing thing is that, with the subsequent students revolution in 68 that they rail against the very thing that gave them the freedom to act in such a way. interesting and bit half baked.

Clay B (us) wrote: CAPTAIN JANUARY (1936)

Alex G (de) wrote: A fantastic sequel, pushing the narrative and commentary forward. Only small poor choices in a tremendously strong feature.