The Wrong Move

The Wrong Move

A writer goes on a road trip across West Germany with a group of eclectic people he meets along the way.

Six days in the life of Wilhelm: a detached man without qualities. He wants to write, so his mother gives him a ticket to Bonn, telling him to live. On the train he meets an older man, an ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason S (ru) wrote: Mortifying but hilarious and sad. Loved it.

Kevin J (mx) wrote: absolutely love the acting and direction. on my seat until the very end. wow!

Jenn T (de) wrote: Good movie, interesting indie.

Nic B (nl) wrote: A lo-fi slacker dramedy that is entertaining, but doesn't have much to say.

Art S (gb) wrote: It's Jeremy Irons vs. Jeremy Irons and the winner is....Jeremy Irons! The actor is mesmerizing playing identical twin gynaecologists who get involved with Genevieve Bujold, a nutty actress, and sink into drug addiction and despair. With David Cronenberg at the helm, Irons is encouraged to go over the top and he does, but the gruesomeness is actual kept to a relative minimum (relative to other Cronenberg vehicles of the time -- this came chronologically between The Fly and Naked Lunch). Yet, for much of the first half of the film, slow and stately as it may be, I felt on the edge of my seat, awaiting a shock moment of gore - or at least a weird prosthesis - that never quite arrived (OK, actually there was one in a brief dream sequence!). As madness descends on the sensitive of the two twins (the other is more virile), things do get messier...and also somehow more boring and drawn out. In the end, though strange, this film falls into the lesser half of Cronenberg's output, saved only by the virtuosic performance(s) of Irons.

Adrian Z (mx) wrote: Firestarter, based on a novel by Stephen King, is more comic book than horror, bringing to mind a good many superhero / supervillain origin stories. Father and child (David Keith and Drew Barrymore) are on the run from a shady government agency (led by George C. Scott and Martin Sheen) because they posses powers: he can manipulate people's minds, she has pyrokinetic abilities. Corny stuff, benefits from little Barrymore's endearing qualities and George C. Scott's villainous turn, but is otherwise poorly directed by Mark Lester, who often leaves capable actors delivering their lines in a hammy manner, not helped by an irritatingly inappropriate score by Tangerine Dream that virtually ruins several scenes.

Scott M (ca) wrote: i saw this movie when i was a kid and watch it briefly tonight on TV, its still a great movie even today. The quality of film is amazing and this movie really made everything look original for its time. Fantastic movie

Tim G (fr) wrote: I don't have much appreciation for old movies but this one is a trip.

bonk c (de) wrote: great movie but not as funny on the second viewing and heather graham is not a very good actress but it on par with the first one and falls short to the third one