The Wrong Road

The Wrong Road

A young married couple whose plans for their life together haven't turned out as expected decide to rob the bank where the husband works of $100,000, then hide the money in a safe place and... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Renee L (kr) wrote: Character actors, who, in my opinion are some of the best actors around, are finally given the chance to ace leading roles in this unsettling film about a sociopathic, deeply cruel couple who somehow manage to blend in with the rest of the world. It is powerfully icky, but you won't be able to look away. The director's skill in this movie is in making mental torture every bit as gruesome as anything physical.

Amanda P (jp) wrote: I love it but it won't load

Maxwel L (jp) wrote: Bom anime. Precisa assistir a primeira temporada para entender tudo. Violncia ao cubo!!

Katie L (mx) wrote: Oh Instantly Streaming Netflix, you let me watch the most random, and often likable, movies. I decided to watch this because I like Missi Pyle and D.B. Sweeney and had never heard of this movie. This movie turned out to be entertaining and timely because of it's plot about job loss and being over-qualified for under appreciated/crappy entry level positions.

doris c (fr) wrote: brill.comedy...........

Jose Luis M (ru) wrote: Que buena actriz es Claire Danes una pelcula deferente muy recomendable.

Tj H (mx) wrote: I'm giving this an extra half (or maybe a whole star) a star because of the release year and the fact that my kids absolutely love it. Falls a bit short in my opinion.

Suanne F (nl) wrote: The first half has a very Tarantino feel (for obvious reason). Excellent dialogue, etc. Ran a bit long. I didn't know much about the film so the abrupt shift to monster movie was a bit jarring and definitely wasn't as interesting as the beginning of the movie.

Matt S (br) wrote: dime novel sensabilities. awkward everything.

Dimitris S (au) wrote: The ending will more or less taunt you because it's like the similar conservative quotation from the other classic film,The Great Dictator,with different themes that is.I preach for your flexible safety,denying to accuse the numbness of the man in the last tale.Nevertheless,let it not prevent you from enjoying this gem.A succulent beauty is a fine-maintained delicacy,preferably on the second story,and passion is the fruitful inspiration.

Richard S (de) wrote: I think it is WC Fields best-Mae West is great in this.

Laura D (it) wrote: Saw it once. Really not worth a second watch.

Andy W (ca) wrote: Oscar baiting with a strong sense of seen it before.

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