The Xpose

The Xpose

This is a dramatic chain of events in the most glamorous ,swinging era of Hindi films... the 1960s. It was a decade when film stars tasted success and carried their larger than life screen ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:113 minutes
  • Release:2014
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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This is a dramatic chain of events in the most glamorous ,swinging era of Hindi films... the 1960s. It was a decade when film stars tasted success and carried their larger than life screen ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Don S (fr) wrote: An 8 year old boy watches his mother die brutally during a carjacking. His alcoholic father was there but couldn't stop it. Boy becomes fixated on finding the murderer and exacting revenge. Begins to exact revenge on others who have committed similar acts too. Boy befriends super cop who figures out what is happening. Story continues on... Eh.

John B (ca) wrote: A beautiful story of two souls whose loved ones are overtaken by grander tragic events and how they find a connection that goes beyond language, prejudice, culture and life background.

Matt C (us) wrote: Having recently seen one of the best films I've watched in many years it probably makes sense to shortly follow it with one of the worst. Whether it's the sledgehammer subtle Brother's Grimm referencing or the 'Tracy Beaker as Jack Bauer' storyline there's something to annoy everyone to be found here. Stick to the period classics Joe Wright because is a 9 kilo, stone cold turkey. Awful.

Gompers 1 (ru) wrote: I like the movie and I have the game

Phillip N (es) wrote: A hauntingly beautiful Australian film about the power of belief, and of the love between siblings. Rex Williamson (Vince Colosimo) is an opal miner prospecting in the outback town of Cooper Pedy. When his daughter Kellyanne's (Sapphire Boyce) imaginary friends go missing after a visit to the family's mine claim, he searches for them, and gets accused of attempted theft from a neighbouring claim in the process. Faced with his father being charged with attempting to steal from someone else's claim, and the family being shunned by the community as a result, as well as his young sister becoming ill through grief for her imaginary friends, Rex's son Ashmol (Christian Byers) sets out to put things right. This review really doesn't do justice to this heart warming and unusual tale. This is an Australian co-production with the BBC, so watch out for some familiar faces in atypical roles.

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Jenny L (it) wrote: Sweet. Ellen Pompeo is cute, quirky and damaged as usual. :-)

Jim Q (gb) wrote: This is one of the movies in my collection that I can honestly say I have no idea how many times I've watched it. It is a great movie, but not completely flawless. Sam Jackson uses the "N" word more than 30 times in 2.5 hours. That's a lot of N words. But don't get me wrong; Samuel L. Jackson is a great actor-one of my personal favorite actors as a matter of fact. One more thing that I think is not so great about this movie is right before the end. I cant say what it is though, because it would give too much away for anyone who hasn't see it yet. I'm not saying that what happened shouldn't have happened; it just went down kind of wrong in my opinion. Any way, I definitely recommend this movie with a 4.5 / 5.

ken j (au) wrote: When a boat comes ashore and there is believed to be no one inside a cop and a doctor investigate only to find the crew dead upon lookin further they find some huge green pods when one touches them it releases a flesh eating acid now the cop must help a former astromaut and government agent track down and stop the source of these pods before its too late. Another Italian made movie this one takes alittle from body snatchers and alittle from aliens and what you get is this a sci movie with alot more talking then action but still intresting enough to wait for the slow motion killings watch at your own risk.

Carl M (br) wrote: Baron Frankenstein has taken up shop in a small boarding house in England after being driven out of his homeland, where he proceeds to blackmail a promising young medical student into helping him with his diabolical designs. Frankenstein hopes to transplant the brain of an old colleague, Dr. Brandt, into a fresh new body to clear his mind of the debilitating disease which has driven him mad so that he may steal Brandt's secrets, but the revived doctor will have no part in Frankenstein's evil plan! Terence Fisher turns out another Gothic masterpiece in FRANKENSTEIN MUST BE DESTROYED, the fifth installment from Hammer's thrilling horror series! Here, the baron takes a sinister turn for the worst under the controlled guidance of Peter Cushing, who gives his best performance in the series. It is this vile take on the character for which he is most often remembered. Cushing is given strong support by Simon Ward as his unwilling apprentice and especially by Freddie Jones as the unfortunate Dr. Brandt. The scene in which the recently revived Brandt is rejected by his horrified widow strikes a devastating blow to the viewer's emotion. As always, Fisher delivers many artful touches along the way, despite the smaller production. It all ends in a fiery finale, which should have served as a fitting end for our wayward doctor before the series could begin to fall into decline. FRANKENSTEIN MUST BE DESTROYED is in top contention with FRANKENSTEIN CREATED WOMAN as being the strongest sequel in the series, and one of Hammer's finest films. -Carl ManesI Like Horror Movies

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