The Yakuza

The Yakuza

Harry Kilmer returns to Japan after several years in order to rescue his friend George's kidnapped daughter - and ends up on the wrong side of the Yakuza, the notorious Japanese mafia...

Harry Kilmer returns to Japan after several years in order to rescue his friend George's kidnapped daughter - and ends up on the wrong side of the Yakuza, the notorious Japanese mafia... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael B (es) wrote: Let's take Air Bud level writing, give it Full House calibre acting, make a movie, and then take the leftover scenes from that movie, and you have I Heart Shakey.

mike h (ru) wrote: people have no taste and dont understand anything, this is one of the best movies in a while, you people suck if i ever see you its over, this movie kicks ass, your just too stupid to see how amazing it is, Movie Dick OVER & OUT

Brent D (jp) wrote: Good acting, but kind of slow and an unsurprising ending. In defense of that, though, they do take an unusual route to get there, which is kinda nice.

Andrew N (ca) wrote: Terrible. Except the special effects were AWESOME!!!!

Andy S (nl) wrote: Amazingly acted and well scripted but a little un-believable outcome.A devout neo-nazi Skinhead brought to his knees in shame over the murder of an Indian immigrant.His Jewish lawyer (who reminded me so much of Dustin Hoffman it was distracting) is the hard nosed businessman with a soft heart of gold and who guides this "child of mis-lead" youth to realise he must change his ways.Like i said, amazingly acted and very watchable, just sadly abit Disneyfied to the end.

Nathaniel M (kr) wrote: Some day Billy Bob will make a good movie.

Emil P (es) wrote: Kind of silly but brings back memories.

Graham M (ag) wrote: Weird but interesting premise, occasionally hard to take seriously, but worth watching purely for Proteus, one of the creepiest antagonists ever.

Adam S (fr) wrote: Kenji Mizoguchi was already sick when he made this studio assignment about five prostitutes in the declining era of the brothel, textbook Mizoguchi territory, and it would be his last film, but there's nothing to suggest a man creating for the last time, it's as vibrant, emotional, and hard hitting as his masterworks twenty and thirty years earlier. Mizoguchi doesn't seem to be as angry as he was in his "Sisters of Gion" days, but the film does tackle issues directly related to the politics of the day, mainly, what are these women to do if prostitution is outlawed, where will they live, work, how will they pay off their mounting debts, and wasn't it men who drove them to this lifestyle in the first place? Criterion shuffled this off to it's Eclipse series, with no extras, but it deserves a more studied look, and if you can watch it, the Masters of Cinema version has a commentary by Tony Rayns, who really knows his Mizoguchi.

Phenyeia O (nl) wrote: Outstanding movie John Wayne is my family favorite actor

Mark A (ag) wrote: Love it... Alrighty then!

Darwin K (de) wrote: "Tim Burton(TM)s bio-pic about Margaret and Walter Keane is a feminist psycho-melodrama made without insight or dramatic excitement."

Niloo R (fr) wrote: it's proficient as far as thrillers go, but very pedestrian and obvious. there's definitely an effect the film is going for and a way it wants us to feel, and it uses visual/auditory/editing manipulation to achieve that effect, which is immediately off-putting. also, the film feels extremely dated in 2014, since the technological/NSA sphere is completely different. though to be fair, that's not the film's fault, but the result of our rapid technological advancement. regardless though, just okay.

Joey F (gb) wrote: This is one of the most masterfully made thrillers I've ever seen. I'm amazed this movie works as well today as it does, despite the final twist being very obvious by today's standards (I predicted it at least). What I didn't predict, was where the movie was going toward the end of the first 3rd. Hitchcock manages a complete and utter bait and switch of a story that I thought was just magnificent. It's a classic, and everyone should watch this. Also, Bernard Herrmann is the real MVP of this movie.