The Yellow Sea

The Yellow Sea

The region where the borders of North Korea, China, and Russia come together, forms a sort of modern day wild west, where more than half of the population relies on illegal activity in order to survive. In Yanbian, on the Chinese side of the border, Gu-nam (Ha Jung-woo) wiles away his days driving a cab and spends his nights getting drunk and gambling. His wife went to Seoul to work and send back money, but it’s been months since he has heard from her. When local crime lord Myun (Kim Yun-seok) offers to erase Gu-nam’s debts in exchange for a contract killing in Seoul, Gu-nam reluctantly accepts.

A taxi driver (Ha Jung-woo) goes on the run after an attempt to carry out a hit on a professor (Kwak Do-won) goes terribly awry. The police, the South Korean mob, as well as the ethnic Korean Chinese mafia all frantically search for him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Calvinn L (mx) wrote: Best japanese Romance and very touching,love it so...much :)

Josh G (nl) wrote: People have already addressed everything wrong with the movie, some I'm just going to state what I liked about it instead. I found that despite the plot holes, and semi unoriginal plot line the acting in this movie was still considerably amazing.

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Miona J (mx) wrote: I bought this on a DVD because it was so cheap so I didn't expect this to be a special movie but the story sounded perfect - a romantic comedy in Bollywood style. I loved Bride and Prejudice with Indian dancing, music and dresses so I thought I'd love this one too and I really did like it. I loved the woman played by Ali Larter because she was so unfriendly and straightforward and said everything what she was thinking. She was rude, pissed off and upset like I am. Haha. ^__^ In India this American B-movie actress meets an Indian choreographer who changes her charachter for the better. She gets a role from an Indian musical and learns to dance and express her feelings through dancing. Ok, enough about the plot, don't want to reveal everything. ;) This movie really isn't so bad and the Indian actor's eyes and smile are charming.

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