The Yes Men

The Yes Men

A comic, biting and revelatory documentary following a small group of prankster activists as they gain worldwide notoriety for impersonating the World Trade Organization (WTO) on television and at business conferences around the world.

Anti-corporate activists travel from conference to conference, impersonating member of the World Trade Organization. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jude L (nl) wrote: a grown-up fairy tale


Jim M (mx) wrote: During the Second World War Allied POWs who proved especially skillful at breaking out of POW camps where sent to Oflag IV-C in Saxony, Colditz Castle. The Germans think Colditz is inescapable...the Allied POWs will try to prove them wrong, for 2nd Lt. Jack Rose the danger is greater then he realizes, a former comrade Nicholas McGrade has stolen Jacks girl and will do anything to prevent Jack's return. Its Crap. Mostly. It doesn't work as an escape film because the escape attempts just happen, doesn't work as a romance because there is absolutly no reason for Damian Lewis and Sophie Myles to be together. Yes she's hot and Lewis' McGrade's attracted to her...but there is never a sense that she's worth committing high treason for especially since Lewis' character is farely self centered for most of the movie. Lewis character also shows few positive traits thus one wonders in a London crawling with soldiers, sailors and airmen from around the world Myles' character shouldn't need to spare an asshat like McGrade a second thought. Give it a pass.

Art W (au) wrote: Never stops pushing the rush of the thrill and mashes the story situations beautifully with one of the best film soundtracks i have ever heard. A must see in my book, i never tire of re-watching it every so often.

Xyme A (mx) wrote: wow.... its a great comedy drama.... performance of all the stars r great.... to hide a lie u must lie thousand times....... hehehe

David M (ag) wrote: I'd like to check this out, but I'm unable to order it from my library and they don't have it at any of my local movie rental places either :'(

Jay B (au) wrote: Funny movie. I'm glad Bruno Ganz didn't kill himself in this one. He's always killing himself...

Joe B (br) wrote: sweet and harmless with a few quirky performances and an interesting narrative structure. good stuff.