The Young Americans

The Young Americans

The London police is having trouble with organized crime commited by juvenile delinquents. Their leader is an American who is an expert at turning young men into ruthless gangsters. American cop John Harris is asked to help the London police to break up the organization.

New York City drug enforcement officer John Harris travels to London to help ineffective local policemen battle a powerful drug cartel. Harris uses a teen wronged by gangsters to get to him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Meredith M (jp) wrote: a movie about one of my favorite bible stories love it!!

Jon C (de) wrote: wow, I mean holyNoomi Rapace gives one of her early best performances in this drama/thrillera mother who just wants to love and take care of her son gets caught up in her own dilemmasthe pressures of motherhood, being a single parent, raising a child, and coping with her sense of isolation is probably what all parents feel at a certain point in their livesthe film has wonderful cinematography, unsettling music, clever editing, and the twist at the end totally caught me by surprise, I wasn't ready for something like thatalso it isn't so much about Rapace's character listening on a baby monitor as it is about her fighting to keep her parenting skills at a consistent level her emotional and psychological sides are a force to be reckoned with, tooit's another foreign language film that does its job quite strikingly

Jimbo S (de) wrote: I think I enjoyed this film mostly for the reason that Claude Rains's character looked a lot like a college l;ecturer of mine. Apart from that, it's pretty standard adventuring, and sometimes slightly sub-standard. The lizrad wrasslin' was interesting as a relic of archaic special effects, and although shite, I much prefer these FX to CGI.

Ben H (gb) wrote: Stylish doc, lacking the human touch.

Tyler S (fr) wrote: An inspiration for sure as this movie, being the sports fan I am, made me pretty emotional after it was over.Based on the true story of the 1970 plane crash that killed nearly all the Marshall varsity team, coaches, boosters and others, I thought the film did a good job of establishing the weight of the tragedy early, and how the odds were stacked against the program. McConaughey was awesome as the coach hired to rebuild a program with only 3 remaining players.He brought tremendous joy and life to the role, which in turn made you want him to succeed.The relationships feel authentic, and the football scenes are realistic.Anthony mackie was awesome as the senior captain of the football team.This inspirational film while good, probably could of been better. The movie did somewhat coast without other details given about the deceased and others.That being said the movies goal was focusing on the actual rebuild and I thought it did a fine job doing just that with an electric performance from the lead.Something was off a little that I couldn't put my finger on.That being said a damn good inspiration of a movie.

Andr D (fr) wrote: Basada en un hecho real, "Alpha Dog" pudo haber sido un nuevo "Blow", pero en realidad es una cinta ms larga de lo que debi haber sido, algo caracterstico en los trabajos del director Nick Cassavetes que an le queda mucho para llegarle a los pies a su padre. Sin embargo, Justin Timberlake nos ofrece una actuacin que hay que ver para creer: El ex-dolo juvenil tiene futuro.

Ron L (mx) wrote: A love story about honour and sacrifices. Solid performances and great songs.

Chloe C (nl) wrote: It is absolutely class! It is sooooooo funny and very heartwarming! An amazing family movie!

andre l (ag) wrote: Really fun movie..Rock movies don't get much better than this. Awesome

Joe A (ca) wrote: Galaxina is a low budget 1980 space spoof that would normally be long forgotten except that it is remembered for being the first starring role of 1979 Playmate of the Year, Dorothy Stratten who was savagely murdered by her estranged husband two months after the film's release. Stratten played the title role, a beautiful female robot that space cop Thor (Stephen Macht) falls in love with and then has to rescue when a mission goes awry. Without the infamy of Stratten being a cast member, Galaxina is 90 slow paced minutes of flat jokes, cheap production value and so-so SPFX elevated slightly by some 80s nostalgia. One also has to also question the logic of a movie that hires and promotes a Playboy Playmate of the Year as the star and then keeps her completely covered up the whole time. TRIVIA: frequent John Carpenter director of photography Dean Cundey lensed Galaxina between The Fog and Escape From New York.

Tim S (nl) wrote: It's too bad that Woody Allen doesn't make films like this anymore, because Sleeper is truly a different film than almost all of the other films that he's made. As if you couldn't tell already, the movie features a science fiction plot about a man who is cryogenically frozen in the 20th century and wakes up 200 years later in a strange world that's been taken over by a dictatorship. Although the movie makes a lot of great points about humanity and politics, it's also one of Woody Allen's funniest movies. It features a bit of slapstick in the vein of Charlie Chaplin or Harold Lloyd, but it also tells a very nice and concise story that never meanders. There's also a Dixieland score to the film, as well as lots of interesting visuals. It's the whole package, and one of my favorite Woody Allen films, in general. I just wish he'd make films now more akin to something like this than just relationship movies.

Ray H (au) wrote: I usually don't take the time to sit and watch a black and white film. Kind of funny how I sat and watched this on TCM.

Ryan W (ag) wrote: The acting is kind of lacking, however this addition to the chucky movies gives a good effort as a horror film, less comedy this time. I'd say it's one of the more enjoyable Chucky Horrors that has been made, despite the cheap scares.