The Young Poisoner's Handbook

The Young Poisoner's Handbook

A sinister tale of genius gone wrong, The Young Poisoner's Handbook chronicles a young man's descent into madness against the absurd backdrop of suburban English life. Hugh O'Conor plays Graham Young, a schoolboy from the London suburbs whose deadly obsession with toxic substances causes him to dabble in experimental murder.

This film is based on a true story about a British teenager who allegedly poisoned family, friends, and co-workers. Graham is highly intelligent, but completely amoral. He becomes ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Young Poisoner's Handbook torrent reviews

Gary M (br) wrote: Alittle fake but I think its not a bad film. Better then some, worst then others.

Jay T (us) wrote: Kevin is one little shit...

Bruno L (nl) wrote: It was ok. I was expecting way more from this movie. The song was really good. Plot was good. Acting was ok in some parts.

Billy R (ca) wrote: Excellent movie with some truly stunning and breath-taking cinematography.

Scott M (ru) wrote: Movie about a group of paranoid and angry real estate salesmen. A lot of dialog and cursing. A lot of angry guys shouting at each other. Jack Lemon is absolutely amazing. He carries the movie. One of my all time favorites.

Jason S (au) wrote: A fun and silly movie that brings the entertainment of it is treading well worn territory.

Greg W (gb) wrote: i remember when this came out there was much expectation that the film would deal honestly with gay issues but when it did all it does is portray gay life as sick and preverted.

Chris S (kr) wrote: A pretty dull horror movie. Normally I really like weird horror movies, but when it comes to artsy stuff like this It doesn't appeal to me (unless its an Asian horror movie). The first time I heard about this movie was through Patton Oswalt's "Werewolves and Lolipops".

Wes S (mx) wrote: Nothing too special. Bela Lugosi was alright in this film, but the story isn't nothing spectacular but it's a decent mystery and the ending was alright, but there's a lot of confusing and rushed parts.

Christine D (it) wrote: Great movie! Didn't like him at first but nearing the end I was loving him! Great story!

Jude P (br) wrote: The Rock could do much much more means he should not be in these type of movies.