The Young Rebels

The Young Rebels

A newpaper reporter investigates the lives of juvenile delinquents.

A newpaper reporter investigates the lives of juvenile delinquents. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Phil S (es) wrote: Wow I loved this movie. It has been a very very long time since I've seen a French comedy that I enjoyed. I actually can't fault the film. Yes it's a romcom. But a very capable one. The two leads play it well and the usual over the top French comedy slapstick is reined in. Lovable.

Matthew L (br) wrote: A riveting revenge thriller about a woman who, after being thrown out by her husband after he discovers that their son is not his, sets out on the road to kill the men who raped her all those years ago. Builds dramatic tension to an explosive payoff, as the widening web of revenge and violence brings about the cruel hand of fate. Tragic and bitterly ironic, "Katalin Varga" is a gripping cautionary tale about the destructive nature of revenge, and the inability to escape the past.

Phil H (mx) wrote: Classic Arthur Conan Doyle tale that has had a few incarnations over time. Its your standard adventure formula which has been used time and time again largely by Amicus films starring Doug McClure. Along with Edgar Rice Burroughs these two chaps pretty much started a fantasy boom that has influenced damn near everything ever since!.The plot, again, is your standard fare. A group of adventurers travel to a far off land (Venezuela, which is mentioned) and to a mysterious flat mountain. Once there they do indeed discover dinosaurs are alive and well alongside human tribes all of which time has forgotten it seems. Of course they get trapped on the mountain and end up getting caught by the cannibal tribe. But they manage to escape both the tribe and the mountain during a predictable volcanic eruption.The only main difference with this tale is the group of adventurers don't get lost at sea, or underground, or in the air etc...and end up in a lost world. This lost world is merely deep within the jungles of South America, oh and they didn't get lost in those jungles, they knew where it was.Doh! I forgot to mention the stereotypical scantily clad native tribeswoman with long flowing dark hair and plenty of eye makeup. You always come across scantily clad native females in these lost worlds, really must go to one for my next holiday.The film itself is a very poor looking cheap affair to be honest, nothing really looks any good here. The jungles and cave interiors are all terrible looking and clearly fake, whilst the dinosaurs are real cold blooded creatures like lizards and small alligators with tacky fins/scales glued on (visibly so).The usage of real live creatures for the dinosaurs unavoidably means nasty looking superimposed/bluescreen sequences with actors in front of them. This procedure never looks great frankly but here it looks really poor, doesn't look as though they even tried to make it look reasonable. Of course when these reptiles battled each other it doesn't help that their fake fins/plates/frills are wobbling all over the place. The less said about the giant spider sequence the better methinks, oh the horror!.The film has been changed from the original novel of course, as expected, and does suffer. The human cannibal tribe shown in this film do nothing! (and there's only one tribe). They merely capture the group and stick them in a huge cave which allows them all to escape easily 'oh look there's a path, maybe that's the exit?'. So as the goodies escape the natives simply while away their on screen time with dancing to a drum. When they get bored they check their prisoners, oops they've gone, should have cut back on your drum beating mate.And yep you've guessed it, the whole film/adventure ends on the horribly over used complete destruction of everything note. Yep the big ass volcano goes off just as the goodies and escaping, I half expected Doug McClure to rescue them at one point. These 18th/19th Century writers loved to end their adventures with a volcano or earthquake didn't they.This really does look like the poor mans adventure flick even for 1960, compare it to 'Journey to the Center of the Earth' and you see my point. Even the likes of Claude Rains with his grumpy gruff 'Professor Challenger' can't really save it. The cast is unique in the fact it includes Rains plus Bond girl Jill St John, Bond actor/TV star David Hedison and Lorenzo Lamas' father Fernando. The ending could of set up a Godzilla style sequel with the baby T-Rex they save. Speaking of dinosaurs this film really could of done with a lot more of them. Even though they clearly looked like lizards with plastic stuck all over them they were fun to watch, better than the constant drum beating grunting cannibals.

Linda L (ca) wrote: Decent movie. I wish they would have kept the Rock as the main guy. I like the action and the storyline to this one.

Robert O (es) wrote: Very good documentary on Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, the assassin of the ego. But also a good insight into what goes on in the minds of his students. very well done.

Rodney E (it) wrote: Crap movie that tried to ride the dying rave scene. Go is a million times better. Take your glow sticks and pills somewhere else. All it has it beautiful women. That's it. The characters are lameass. Just look at the cover of the putz sittign with the disco ball.

Carson J (gb) wrote: One of the only movies I ever fell asleep in.

Steve M (gb) wrote: Three pretty grad students (McBride, Movila and Tate) working on disertations are in Transylvania to study the local legends and folk customs, only to find themselves in the middle of a vampiric family feud that's been brewing for centuries and that is now reaching it's brutal, bloody finale. "Subspecies" is one of the better vampire movies to come out of the 1990s, despite the obvious budget constraints it was made under. It's an interesting merging of the hideous monstrosity vampires from the real legends and early movies and the sexy vampire that grew increasingly popular during the second half of the 20th century, reaching the pinnacle of pop culture success by the mid-1990s. The story feels a tad slow-moving, partly because the film telegraphs where it's going by leading with the vampires and their blood-feud and then cutting to our three soon-to-be damsels in distress--two very cute blondes and an andronynous brunette--for extended sequences as they wander around old castles and a beautiful countryside, broken only by scenes of the very creepy and disgusting vampire Radu (played by Anders Hove, in a fashion that makes Max Schreck's Count Orlock in "Nosferatu" look like a GQ cover model) rising from his coffin. Radu is so vile that you know he's going to be chewing his way through the cast, so you're going to be feeling a bit impatient with the film as it works its way toward the expected carnage. However, the film is never dull, nor will you likely be tempted to turn it off. The cast are all good actors and they all play their parts well. The camerawork is excellent and the true Romanian settings lends an atmosphere of realism to the film that few modern-day vampire films can muster. But when it gets going, it delivers vampire material running the gamut. We've got a disgusting, drooling taloned vampire that's a late 20th century take on the "Nosferatu"-style vampire, we've got sexy vampire babes in nightgowns who might have just flitted over from one of Hammer's Dracula movies, and we've got the male model modern vampire hunk love interest of one of the girls (played by Michael Watson, who was a soap-opera star when the "Subspecies" movie were made). With all of the good things I'm saying about the film, why am I only giving it a Six Rating, you ask? Well, it's because of the inconsistencies and strange logic surrounding the pint-sized monters that became a mainstay of Charles Band-produced films throughout the 1990s. Here, the tiny creatures are nasty demons that are created from severed tips of Radu's fingers, but they fail to seem real because of the truly crappy effects used to bring them to life. For example, in all but one scene, no one bothered to trick in shadows under the creatures, so they appear to be floating over the floor instead of walking on it. They look exactly like what they are: Puppets that have been placed in the scenes via special effects, and they ruin almost every scene they're in because of it. The aforementioned upfront establishment of the vampire family feud also hurts the movie, but the bad special effects are by far the most damaging. "Subspecies" is a vampire movie that has a little something for everyone, including bare breasts. Those of you who enjoy vampire movies with more of a gothic flavor to them than we've seen in recent years will be especially appreciative of the tone and nature of the film. It's a great Halloween selection for a slightly older crowd. SubspeciesStarring: Laura Mae Tate, Irina Movila, Michelle McBride, Anders Hove, Ivan J. Rado and Michael WatsonDirector: Ted Nicolaou

Soney V (br) wrote: Original and yet so simple.

Johnny T (es) wrote: After scripting such 80s mainstays as Gremlins and The Goonies, Chris Columbus made his directorial debut with this easy-to-take effort that primarily benefits from a charming performance by Elisabeth Shue. The movie's verve and energetic cast do much to rescue the film from its own faults: the clumsy dialogue mixed with the clever, and the jokes that fall flat among terrific ones. Adventures in Babysitting firmly establishes Columbus' unique brand of family-friendly entertainment with a decidedly irreverent edge. There's nothing earth-shattering or wholly original about Columbus' directorial debut that rocked mid-1980s Hollywood. Adventures in Babysitting is a classic "road picture" populated by unique tertiary characters and wacky mixups. By the end of the film, I'd had a couple of real laughs and a few interesting moments, but that was about all. This is really just innocent material with a tendency to flout basic guidelines and stray from the perimeters of believability. Adventures in Babysitting might not be a great movie, but it's a damn entertaining one that has managed to stand the test of time rather beautifully all the same. VERDICT: "In The Zone" - [Mixed Reaction] These kinds of movies are usually movies that had some good things, but some bad things kept it from being amazing. This rating says buy an ex-rental or a cheap price of the DVD to own. If you consider cinema, ask for people's opinion on the film. (Films that are rated 2.5 or 3 stars)

Justin P (au) wrote: In the end, Layer Cake dissolves to a somewhat generic crime/thriller type of movie that bites of more than it can chew. There's very impressive direction and cinematography that hoist this film to a different type of level though; performances are fine, and the twists work.