The Youngest Son

The Youngest Son

An amoral man manhandles his wife and falls into the claws of a wheeler dealer.

An amoral man manhandles his wife and falls into the claws of a wheeler dealer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Youngest Son torrent reviews

HollyMaree S (jp) wrote: What the hell did I just watch????? Not much story line, talking or clothes at that.

Eric B (it) wrote: A good sequel to Public Enemies that told the story of Supergirl and it did a good job of it. Another great DC animated film, they do great with these.

Ryan G (gb) wrote: Dense, fairly balanced, moving, and informative.

Molly C (it) wrote: I prefered the movie to the tv series!

Miikka O (ag) wrote: Well, quite honestly I can tell you that this movie is rubbish. Really simple, you just need to have a bad and unconvincing story, not too great directing and most of the cast over-acting big time. The only positive thing here is the performance by the young Joonas Nordman. But unfortunately, he's quite much bound to the issues mentioned earlier. I don't see any point in this movie and definitely you don't want to see it. Keep away.

Lewis F (br) wrote: A classic film still one off my favourites! Ok for all the people who don't know brassed off is a true story. It is set in Grimely AKA Grimethorpe, Barnsley, England. It is based around the pits collery band. The band evenchaly works there way up to performing at the albert hall for the great britan brass band championships. The story is a rollercoster of emotion with some very emotional scences. With it been about the pit closures in Yorkshire there is some pretty strong language. It's the classic Margrate Thatcher against the minors! Oh & by the way I live in an old mining village in yorkshire and belive me the pit closure really screwed things up! Overall the film is very griping & emotional. IT'S A MUST WATCH! P.s. Sorry for any bad spelling & no structure to my writing I did this all on my iPod.

Josh W (ag) wrote: To this day, this is the worst movie I've ever seen. I just signed up for Rotten Tomatoes so I could review Batman V Superman, and I immediately came here just to give this thing as low of a rating as I could. Total garbage...

Private U (fr) wrote: Really hit or miss as far as quality of scenes go. Some parts are powerful while others come across as almost laughable. Good acting with poor dialogue and writing.

Wayne J (au) wrote: brixton at its finest, sum bak inda dayz action...this is how i remember life growing up!!!!!

Stewart W (mx) wrote: Seth MacFarlane has achieved a unique comic feat - this is the only time I've wished Adam Sandler was in the lead role.

Chris H (fr) wrote: A well made, well acted historical drama that hits all the right notes to get Oscar consideration.