The Zero Years

The Zero Years

Four women, who have been sterilized and are under constant toxic restraint and surveillance, are serving their term in a government-run brothel. Their duty is to have sex and beat their customers without remorse. The relations between them are at a critical point; food and water are scarce, their house is rotting and ready to collapse. Nothing on the outside exists any more. Nightmarish visions, simulated miscarriages and rapes, injections and nausea all make up their daily routine.One day, one of their customers disappears. The interrogation begins...

Today as tomorrow and as yesterday. Four women, who have been sterilized and are under constant toxic restraint and surveillance, are serving their term in a government-run brothel. Their ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jose D (de) wrote: Great boxing movie! Inspired and viceral with true to life characters. Boxers like this are who Rocky was inspired by.

Thee Chad S (kr) wrote: Absolutely the worst movie made in 2013. I hope this is the death nail to Keanu's career. I hope all that were involved in making this pointless, boring, plotless pile of rubble contract HPV - and suffer a painful, long drawn-out death. Just so they feel one-tenth of the pain I endured watching their 'art'. The 1/2 star is because the movie ends... Eventually.

Greg R (ru) wrote: Not as bad as Transformers 2 or 4, but as a movie this is still a movie thats not good and makes explosions boring.

Nicholas M (de) wrote: whimsy musical! c'est la vie, c'est magique!

Brad S (es) wrote: Chris Pine and his terrible wig are two of the worst choices this film made. For whatever reasons, the story and characters come off as a bit pedestrian and cliche. I just didn't feel invested emotionally. It's a decent enough watch one time. But it's definitely no Sideways.

Zef R (mx) wrote: Bloody, Brutal, Violent and.... Funny? Yes!

Kevin S (ag) wrote: Long time buddies Gus and Joe decide to go on a fishing trip. They are at a diner where they meet this guy who ends up stealing their car who they find out is a murderer on the run and looking for Money and jewels he stole from women. So they sort of go after him put still their main focus is their big fishing trip down in the everglades. Along the way they end up in one misap after another. The both of them together is like a bull in a china shop and cause pretty much alot of destruction along the way. Joe Pesci and Danny Glover already proved from the Lethal Weapon series that they are good together and still are in this movie. The movie is sort of dumb but kinda of in a good way. There are quite a few good laughs. Once again the movie is sort of dumb but still is quite fun to watch.

pete 1 (gb) wrote: a good action film,not as good as 1st film but still better than most films hollywood makes now

Tony D (it) wrote: It's almost something, but not quite. Love the San Bernardino mountains substituting for the Kentucky hills. The tech is cool. The music must've been quite something back in the day. And those accents...amazing.

John M (nl) wrote: Hellraiser III is everything I thought Hellraiser II would be. So a reporter who is in dire need of big break (Terry Farrell) may have bitten off more than she can chew when she investigates the back-story of a young man that was ripped apart by chains. This is a big step down from the first two movies, and let me tell you why. For starters, the lead actress is one of the weakest acting talents of the Hellraiser movies so far; sure, this isn't a series that is known for its award winning performances, but seeing her here makes me feel bad for calling out any stiff acting from the first two installments. Next, this has almost nothing to do with the continuing story set up by the first two; believe it or not, Hellbound made me realize how much I was actually getting invested in these characters. Here, everything that wasn't Pinhead got dropped like it was deadweight. And speaking of Pinhead, while Doug Bradley is chewing up scenery left and right (and is easily the biggest and only reason to watch this), they drastically changed his character motivations; he used to be shrouded in mystery and only looking to take his pound of flesh from people that tampered with the puzzle box, while here, he becomes this laughing homicidal maniac, a la The Joker. All of the replacements to the Cenobites are pretty lame, and so much about this feels like it was made by a completely different team that never shared in that original vision. While this isn't something I would call terrible, it definitely fails to deliver on everything that you want out of a Hellraiser movie.

Shawn H (mx) wrote: I rarely walk out of a film. Thankfully this was free on some movie channel and so when I stopped and deleted it I didn't feel guilty for wasting money, though I definitely had wasted my valuable time. I so enjoyed this book when I was a kid and loved the artwork, though I always thought Max was a total creep, and would've been happier if the monsters had eaten him (yes, that's what I thought even as a kid when I first read it). But this film adaptation, while amazingly accurate visually, was so slow, the dialogue unnecessarily dragged out, the action ridiculously slow, that I simply couldn't take it. I think I might've made it a little over a half hour before I shut it off out of sheer disgust.

Scott D (ag) wrote: Group review The Search For Freedom is a stunningly gorgeous and entertaining film. The sports footage and stories are so spectacular I heard gasps from the audience (and myself), the stars are appealing and inspiring share their personal beliefs and stories. The end result is a film that was entertaining and meaningful the people I saw it with which is what the best movies are supposed to be. (8 people ages 14 -70+yrs & from zero interest to active participant in these sports)My personal reviewAs an action sports participant and have seen lots of sports movies. IMO this movie is a movie of firsts in that this is the first sports themed documentary that I:1.) Never wanted to fast forward though, let alone rewind to hear the interviews.2.) Took my senior parents, non sport oriented cousins, aunt and uncle to see and enjoy3.) Wrote a review / recommended to friends regardless of interest in sports4.) Finished watching by choice.and most importantly5.) Left thinking about what makes me happy, how to become more free and how and why I live my life. I hope you enjoy it too.