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The movie begins with Gan Wei, a novelist who has been grappling with writer’s block for several years. Yet, a book written under her name – The Zodiac Mystery – appears in markets. Even more strangely, the people in the book bear the names of her childhood friends and experience situations that really happened to them. What’s worse is that the book writes of a mistake that the friends have kept secret for years. As her other friends turn on her and the events of the novel begin to invade reality, only Tong Dawei’s character stands by Gan Wei… . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Elliot P (es) wrote: could they have rinsed a franchise anymore

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Caleb C (jp) wrote: The problem here is that it just doesn't work on almost any level. Everyone does feel wrong for the roles and everything seems quite awkward almost always. I did like some elements to this film, but it mostly just didn't work. I can see some people enjoying this film, but not many.

Ben T (es) wrote: A cute musical movie that is sometimes corny but all around fun. Kids will love and some of the songs are honestly pretty catchy. There are definitely elements that could be improved but it is an enjoyable movie through and through. Musical fans and kids will love it this movie.

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Becky B (us) wrote: Nice one I've seen about two times.

Tania A (ca) wrote: You can compare this movie a little to Hotel Rwanda, same theme, about the genocide in 1994. It's such a sad movie, Beyond the Gates is a horrifying story told with grace and compassion. Credit to John Hurt and Hugh Dancy for their performance

Allan C (fr) wrote: Decent sequel to the original cult classic. It's not as good as the original, but it's solid. Charles Band returns as director and all the main players return as well, with Tim Thomerson as Jack Deth and Helen Hunt as his now wife Lena. The plot involves Deth now settled in with his life as an private detective in modern day LA the even Dr. Wardo, played by the always villainous Richard Lynch, introduces a new Trancer threat. Art LaFleur also returns as McNulty and Barbara Crampton has a small part. Nothing classic here, but entertaining if you liked the original.

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Mr Movie R (es) wrote: Such an amazing masterpiece that can never recreated nor destroyed...from our memories that is.

Bev L R (ru) wrote: Wonderful melodrama!

Tom S (br) wrote: (B) A staff of dead people helps the recently deceased choose one memory to take with them into the afterlife. The "documentary" scenes where patients reflect on their lives are poignant, but the film derails later on when we're forced to watch the staff boringly reconstruct patients' dreams. The film reinvests in the staff protagonists later, which returns some of the emotional urgency, but it could have been a jolt rather than a mere flicker.

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