The Zombinator

The Zombinator

College students from Youngstown, Ohio were planning a simple fashion blogging documentary before a zombie invasion changed their film, and their lives. Teaming up with an ex-soldier turned zombie-hunter, the co-eds face threats from the undead and their corporate overlords.

A fashion blogger documentary turns into a Zombie horror nightmare when Youngstown Ohio college students come face to face with the undead. Their only hope of survival is a former soldier ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Laurent P (de) wrote: Balasko en service commande pour France Television livre une comedie lissee indigne du Splendide et d'une mievrerie degoulinante qui fait oublier Gazon Maudit. Mais ce qui sidere avant tout, c'est son interpretation horripilante de son personnage de simplette. On concoit vaguement le challenge induit par le role, mais on est clairement a mille lieues de Forrest Gump ou autre Rain Man. Le resultat est miserable et hautement representatif des degats occasionnes par la toute puissance de nos chaines dans la production nationale...

Matthew L (mx) wrote: moving then strange... there is a message from mongolia here, sheep herding, yerts and acid do not mix

Shipra T (de) wrote: I only love the song: Tujhmein hai Rabb dikhtha.

Angel L (mx) wrote: The movie was best, it actually made me cry. I loved Angela Bassett's role; some men just nasty after she collect his suit to go to the function he go tell she he leaving she and playing he hitting she the guilt trip oh thanks for making it easy for him, what about for her. The lines " I always thought if I gave him what he needed he would give me what I want" and "I need somebody to hold me even if its a damn lie" I loved it because its so true. Loved Wesley Snipes role it wasn't perfect because he had no right to even think of cheating on his wife, but I maybe can understand out of all that frustration of seeing her dying knowing you can't do anything for her probably got to him. I loved when Whitney Houston stood up to that man and put her mother in place too, some parent huh. And Loretta Devine I enjoyed the ending when Gregory Hines looked at her and told her he loved her, because you could actually see that he meant what he was saying. Best movie!!!!!!!

Kevin B (au) wrote: "A Grim Fairy Tale" -- Pretty amazing. Marcel Marceau in a mute, dual role. William Castle's last film. Reminded me of Edward Scissorhands at times, but more adult and macabre.

bill b (mx) wrote: For sure this is something different....

Steve R (us) wrote: So painfully unfunny and dull that I couldn't bring myself to watch more than half of it.