Harsha Vardhan is out to avenge his wife's murder. But it will be a tough job when Alexander, the police officer of the city, is very cautious of what is happening around.

A missing auto-rickshaw driver and unidentifiable mutilated body parts found at different places stir up an investigation revealing the history of the auto-rickshaw driver and his murderer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Theevram torrent reviews

Collin R (gb) wrote: incredibly corny and terrible acting with everything else you see from a Nichole Sparks movie

Walter M (nl) wrote: "Small Town Murder Songs" starts with Walter(Peter Stormare), a police chief, being baptized. That cannot prepare him emotionally for the discovery of the dead body of a young woman. At least, Detective Washington(Ari Cohen) arrives from the big city to help out. There is a break in the case when Walter recognizes the voice on the 911 tape as being Rita(Jill Hennessy) which leads to Steve(Stephen Eric McIntyre) who Walter had recently had an altercation with. The best thing about the otherwise turgid "Small Town Murder Songs" is how much fun it is to watch Peter Stormare inhabit a character very different from the reprobates he usually plays.(Alas, the same cannot be said for Martha Plimpton.) In this story of a man wanting to escape or at least stop talking about his dangerous past, the main character is given a murky backstory while the mystery is simply glossed over. Even with its scant running time, the movie feels stretched to the limit. At least, the songs are cool.

Adam M (kr) wrote: Cool take on the vampire genre.Holly is filming a documentry/video diary about "weekend vampires", fans of the vampire myth that go out to goth clubs at the weekends and celebrate their fascination. However, when Holly meets Vikki,who claims shes a real vampire,there's an almost instant chemistry and they start a passionate affair. But when Vikki reveals she's expecting a vampire baby, they have to find the blood to feed Vikki AND the baby any which way they can. This indie British horror is pretty powerful and compelling with a good performance by Anna Walton as Vikki and has a cool goth/industrial soundtrack. A decent addition to the vampire genre.

Ryan B (es) wrote: So hilariously bad it's good.

Enrica C (it) wrote: I did like it, mainly because it's filled up with many kind of unexpected twists. "Birthday Girl" is a different movie that manages to mix humor, stupidity, and easily explains how sick the human kind can be -- sure, characters are not perfect and John in particular acts in a pretty dumb way... No adult would never ever fall for that trick. But as previously said, the movie still contains a couple of unexpected scenes and it's entertaining to watch it. The soundtrack was pretty nice, as for locations which were very English (but from what I understend the movie was shoot in Australia). Acting was also kind of great: Kidman did a great job as a Russian, pretending not to understand a word of English -- same thing for Ben Chaplin. I think his performance was good too. Not a masterpiece, but a good, unconventional movie to watch on a normal evening just to do something. It didn't let me down, and I'd watch it again.

J Alfredo A (br) wrote: Una excelente pelcula sobre como influyen las demas personas en la vida de uno si se les da la importancia debida!

Jacquie L (kr) wrote: Such a great find. Love this movie

Diana S (es) wrote: The armpit part is hilarious.

Christopher S (ru) wrote: Very bad. Even in the world of B-side 80's horror this is one of the worst. The film isnt half as cool as the poster would lead you to beleive. Unwatchanble with zero redeeming quality.

Spookie M (gb) wrote: Mark Hamill stoned! This is a weird flick!

Erik O (fr) wrote: I just got this on DVD. Can't wait to watch it.

Marko Z (au) wrote: Rough around the edges in a good way.

Cheryl C (nl) wrote: Kind of freaky. Good. Of course leaves an ending with option for 2nd movie.