Theirs Is the Glory

Theirs Is the Glory

Re-enactment of World War 2 Battle of Arnhem using the survivors from the battle.

Re-enactment of World War 2 Battle of Arnhem. Later lavishly remade as A Bridge Too Far. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jonan G (au) wrote: Wes Anderson's masterpiece (so far). It may not have the twee heart and small beauty of Moonrise Kingdom, but in its own grand, farcical way, this movie twanged my heart strings violently.

Ethan P (fr) wrote: Shooter is amazingly average, it takes the action movie formula and almost perfects it. Mark Wahlberg is great as the one man army, and although Danny Glover and some other supporting cast members' roles are overdone, Shooter remains a very fun and engaging action movie.

Yannis A (ca) wrote: Good. Not spectacular, but good.


Paul D (de) wrote: Slow moving thriller which despite being low-budget doesn't come across that way, although the ending feels ludicrous and unplausible for the characters.

Karen H (us) wrote: 2015-04-03 watched while hubby showered, it was putting him to sleep. slow sad drama, well done.

Ryan W (de) wrote: :/,......

Gabriel K (gb) wrote: A sci-fi thriller that was way ahead of its time. Shot in b&w, it has the haunting visual style that perfectly matches the mood. The cinematography, directing, and acting are top notch, and the story is thought-provoking. It's a shame this movie is so little known.

KJ P (kr) wrote: Banking off the hot zombie craze that has been floating around nowadays, "Life After Beth" follows Zack after his girlfriend dies in the forest from a snake bite. Learning that she has come back from the dead and is slowly decaying into a zombie, he must learn to somehow tell her and help her deal with it. The dark-comedy undertone made this film much more watchable than it would have been, had it been taken 100% serious. Dane Dehaan and Aubrey Plaza are solid in these roles, although for some reason it seems they overact a tad too much. In the end, "Life After Beth" has an atmosphere that is believable enough, and a cast that is quirkily endearing. I loved watching this film for what it was, however, it does get tired by the end, and that is not a good thing considering it's short run time. It begins to fall into the predictable category by the last act, even though it held up the sheer fun element. Overall, a predictable film that is fun to watch!

Nicholas L (jp) wrote: Tangled revitalizes Disney's animated movies with a strong plot, lovable characters, and wonderful musical classics.

Jonathan D (de) wrote: I finally got around to watching the 3rd Film in The Hobbit Trilogy. It's good, but pales in comparison to the LOTR Trilogy.